Can supports who don't use shields please start doing this [Tip]


Everyone knows Hank and Sunny are the best defensive classes, since they can protect and/or get you out of sticky situations. Now I have a strong bias against Bucket, Cabot, and Kala is working her way down there.

Since these classes don’t have a strong defense, it can get real easy for a medic to get targeted/cornered/killed. Every pub and even ranked game I play, players who do Bucket, Cabot, and Kala barely help the team.

I want to get this tip out (again, if it’s down somewhere in the miles of forums). If you do play Bucket, Cabot, and now Kala, use you cloak to help medic if they need help. If medic goes down and dies and your team is struggling and you don’t have your cloak, split up. Unless the monster follows you first then you should be fine. It’s best to leave when everyone else at 1/2 health.

I wanted to get this out there because with Sunny’s nerf the other supports might get played more.

If it is a repost, I’m sorry but this is a legit problem/tip.


Big fan of cloaking as a support and just wailing on the monster to try and get its attention while keeping the medic in range. Got to make sure you announce it though otherwise the medic may make themselves known by other means which is always frustrating as a support trying to help!


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