Can Sunny or Torv actually damage the flying creep ? [Kraken]


Playing as T4 hunter or with T4 hunters, Kraken seems to be really really hard. Its mostly because its very hard to hit the thing since its flying around too much .

Sunny has no proximity detonation which means that kraken simply fly around and not get hit with that thing.
Torvs Sharpel nades does not in most cases hit kraken because its flying and sharpels are not propelled in up or down direction !
Torvs mortars has hard time hitting the thing ( but if you time it correctly you could hit a few rounds )
Kraken still flies around even after eating a charged shot from crow !

I do manage to damage the thing but its pretty hard since kraken almost never lands in combat and as assault i would have to stick to autofire shotgun and as sunny i just spam mini nuke , hoping to do something against it !

Can somebody enlighten me to how to effectively shoot the crap out of kraken as Sunny or Torv ?!


You need to ground and pound the Kraken or get really good at leading shots.


Torv has a hard time hitting the Kraken with mortars, but so do other assaults with their weapons. Just keep on the shotgun most of the time. Capacity is a great perk for torvald and will increase your ability to shotgun him a lot. If you are under kraken you can arc the mortars into him by aiming behind him.


If you get Kraken to the ground than he’s a lot more easier to hit, and when I mean a lot, I really do mean a lot.


With the new hunter buffs of bringing the kraken down, you might wanna do some team composition before hand. Get a Val or Abe on the team to help bring him down to eye level faster with their tranqs and stasis grenades.


Creep, lol. He really is.


I know that… IF HE LANDS… But at 40 matches, these krakens never lands…Its always flying even after eating charged shot from crow then multiple shots from that nerf gun…

I dont have issues with aiming properly, its just that sunny cannot hit the thing and torvs mortars are some what useless !

Well still thing just flies around, i think the tranqs or the harpoons or the nerf gun or stasis nades needs to bring down the creep much faster than its current state…

P.S :- No matter what i do sunny’s mini nuke does maybe 1/4th dmg or something since its flying and nuke needs to hit the ground !


Sunny needs proximity detonation for mini nukes

** [just like those stasis nades from abe]


@Shin is going to make you eat your words should he ever see this. Which, seeing as I’ve tagged him, he probably will. Oh well.

Kraken spends a lot of time flying in the same sort of area. He’ll usually keep orbiting the same section of a battle because it offers the best strategic value or position. So watch him, pick up on his “trajectory” so to speak, and hammer him with good shots.

Also, I’d have gone with “The Flying Tugboat” but this works too. :slight_smile:


Trapper’s gotta do some work. Environment is also important, but with good trapper CC the Kraken gets a LOT easier to hit.

Sunny can hit it in midair too, she’s just absurdly hard to lead with compared to literally every other projectile weapon due to the slight delay after impact. That said, she can just about nullify Kraken damage with her jetpack booster, provided an attentive hunter team. Torvald can also do a lot but he’s got to use that frisbee and shotgun. Kraken is the only monster that T4 isn’t OP against, so I think they feel weaker than they actually are.

((I’m on PC, that might tilt things as far as ease of leading targets, etc.))


The frisbee doesnt work most of the time since the sharpels arent propelled in all directions.

Oh and btw how is the sharpel challenge working ? I mean after 4 hrs im at 350 or something :frowning:
Shotgun works but im talking about that fact that a hunter and another hunter’s most dmging weapon is pretty useless against 'The Flying Tugboat" !


I use that shrapnel grenade, and then it says i do 130 extra damage at most with it, even when i know i am hitting the targets pretty often, so i basically do not use it anymore and just do shotgun and mortar damage only.


130 !!!

It says 1-2 or 10 for me ~.~ … Most of the time its below 10 …That goddamn challenge …

I do 30-40k damage with weapons and does 0-9 damage with sharpels !


That was at most, with me just spamming it a ton. It feels absolutely useless to use for me as well.


Well that’s why you need a good trapper to ground him. Or Val.


Grounding him allows your team to do incredible DPS, but it is not absolutely necessary. You’ll need to ground him to win, but you can still do damage without it.


With torvald be around 10-20 meters away from the kraken and your mortars will hit the kraken in the face as they travel up wards. With sunny, same idea, being closer makes it easier.


the trick with T(h)or with his mortars is to predict his movements and aim the laser in that direction, no not aiming the mortar at the ground but up in the air. i have finally able to hit the kraken with the mortars after figuring out the elevation i need to have my laser pointing at to get direct hit while the kraken is flying. also if the kraken flying near the bubble shield or even cliffs, use them to your advantage as well, they still do lovely amount of damage when the mortars hit them.


You young whippersnappers with your fancy proximity detonations. Back in MY day if we wanted to kill someone who was farting around in the air we’d lead our shots!

If these people can hit tiny targets flying through the air, or jets breaking the sound barrier then you sure as heck can hit a 2 story squid beast thing slowly floating through the air. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, it’s pretty simple. You just need to learn the arc (If there is any.),projectile speed, size/hitbox, and maybe adjust your sensitivity to lead better. Needing to practice to properly use a weapon doesn’t mean it needs to be buffed with this or that to make it easier to aim.


Torvald is the only antiair Assault we have.

Aim for the environment around him and lead your aim to trap him in the explosions.

If you get under the Kraken, the Mortars just slam into him.


Kraken doesn’t need to land anymore. Ever since the patch, he can stay afloat most of the fight. Even with Val/Abe trying to drag him down. Maybe a Griffin can do it maybe, if he has enough time while the Kraken is distracted.