Can something PLEASE be done about Abduction and Tongue Grab

As it stand these two abilities of Wraith and Behemoth are still broken to an astounding degree, it’s amazing they’ve made it into the game in the state their in.
Wraith’s Abduction is janky as hell, I can land dead hits and nothing happens, or maybe they just take some damage but don’t get grabbed.
Then there’s other times when I’ve missed, flown clean over the hunter’s head, and then as if by magic they appear in my claws as I’m diving back towards my start location.
The visual interaction with the meshes is extremely buggy too, Abduction rarely fuctions correctly when just being used on wildlife, sometimes the target creature will die where it stands and slip through my claws instead of being brought to me, and I avoid going for Mammoth birds as half the time they’ll blast me while they’re being abducted.

Bob’s Tongue Grab is even worse. Rarely hits the target, and when it does work the “fling them in your general direction” mechanic does not. Works more consistently against wildlife than Abduction, but is still horrifically broken when fighting the hunters.

These skills don’t need a re-work, they’re conceptually sound and are very well suited to their respective monsters. They just need to work.

Wait for the next Title Update and I can assure you something will be changed about this. For the mean time I suggest we stop posting about this stuff, its a well known issue and TRS has been working on it since a while back, bringing it back up doesnt help the problem.

And it would be best if you could change the category to suggestions at the very least.

I disagree.
Its been shown time and again that the louder the community whines about something the more likely it is that it will be considered by the devs. Not always with positive outcomes for the state of the game.

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Mm, Wraith needs Abduct to be consistent.
Behemoth needs Tongue Grab fixed much more though…

Both are so inconsistent.

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Its not that they are ignoring this problem its just that they are just waiting for the next official T.U. until it gets fixed along with other bugs and fixes that the game needs. Once again this has been talked about before and im pretty sure they have already taken action on fixing the inconsistencies of the abilities…

Source? 10char

I haven’t played much Bob yet, but I know Abduct needs some lovin’.
I test it out on wildlife to see how it’s working and most of the time I’ll kill a strider but it doesn’t actually grab it.

Their is no source but its pretty obvious that they are fixing this because this topic has been talked about time and time again…

Both of these abilities have bug fixes in progress

And yes, I know the abduction fix has nothing to do with what you’re reporting. But we are aware of the issues and are looking into ways to fix them :smiley:

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