Can someone show me an Elite Emet Hunter skin?


Pleeeeeeeeease? I wanna see.


Couldn’t you just have posted this in the “Hunter Elite Skin Database” thread? :stuck_out_tongue:


That thread doesn’t exist anymore. Apparently the creator shut it down and moved it to a thread about… Bucket’s Elite Skin? I don’t know.

What I DO know is that there is no Emet elite skin in either thread, and I’d much like to see it. So I asked.


Hate to say it but I don’t think anyone has it yet.

I feel you though, I want to see Kala’s elite skin pretty badly…


Ohhhhhh sheeeeeeet I forgot about Kalaaaaaaa


Just for you, I’ll grind away my next three days and get that damn skin.


Yeeeeeeeee I wuvvvvvv yuuuuuuu


Also, the Elite Skin Database was made by my brother, but he moved it to my Bucket Elite Skin because there were more posted there anyway xD


The grind begins…


Ohhhhh, okee. Y’know, he could’ve just asked the mods to merge your thread into his, right?



Edit: Posted in the wrong thread. :frowning:


… Kind of umm uh, well you know


The grind already began. :frowning:


#Update Time!

@Magnus_Medic and I are getting close; I would do it myself, but EMET really requires a good Bucket to be viable (Which I am :wink:) . We just reached Rank 31, so hopefully you’ll see it by Sunday!


As of right now i’m almost at level 33 with E.M.E.T, i’l be sure to post an image if i get there first!


#Looks like someone beat us to it…

Caira elite lvl 40 skin



I need it because reasons


I’d fuk that…

I’m so glad that full-body skins are a thing now. I’m just waiting for an Emet Glitter skin…