Can someone make a huge blizzard in Utah right now?


And I mean, like really big. We haven’t had snow since December and if you could gives us a couple feet that would be great. I want to play evolve but I have to go to school D=<

Plus i have a ton of marching band stuff after school so I get like 1 1/2 hours to play today T-T


I will get right on that, we are lacking up here in the north too, not enough snow to do much of anything with…


We had our storm Sunday night :frowning:

I COULD have taken the day off work, but as my daughter is home-schooled Daddy would NOT be setting a good example. LOL


Please don’t make it blizzard here I live in utah as well and I could really do without the snow I enjoy this game and would rather not be spending my day shoveling and not getting a chance to play either ;o;


What if it fucks your internet up lol… careful what you wish for friend.