Can someone link the assault damage chart

Have someone arguing data with me


This is the most recent one I know of.


Yes! Thank you

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Glad I could help :smiley:

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Wait a second, in what universe does Lazarus do more damage than Caira

I mean if no one is down all laz can do is shoot his gun. Caira has to heal people a good bit of the time


Yea, I’m too busy healing when I’m playing with Caira. I don’t really play lazarus when I’m not chilling out. When I’m chilling out I play Lazarus sniper style. So yea…

Unless the monster sucks at putting out damage, Caira shouldn’t be trying to do too much damage. When Lazarus is constantly shooting because device is on cool down/ no one has died yet, he does quite a bit of damage!

Look how “OP” Torvald is.


He is based on ease of those numbers

Sure. It’s so much easier to do damage with him that he does less than 2 out of 3 other Assaults.

Well thats taking into consideration that Torvald could be ending matches quicker than the others so his average damage would be much much lower.


His composition with certain hunters is what makes him a real pain.

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I’m not sure the data would bear that out.

Perhaps something like this would show up in telemetry, and against certain Monsters (Behemoth, Goliath) but the same can be said of other Assaults/Hunters. He’s just not overpowered. He’s comparable to others in his class, outperformed in some categories, and he outperforms in others. A full mortar barrage successfully landed might do more burst damage than other Assaults can do at one time, only because Markov’s mines took a nerf, and comparable to Toxic Grenade + Flamethrower or Parnell using Super-Soldier, but it’s also pretty rare - the Monster has to be standing still.

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Perhaps it would. But surely you’re not stupid enough to expect them to show you every exploitable detail in the game.

Torvalds good enough that he demolishes monsters even at a base level of skill.

Let me explain this since you’re such a fanboy of keeping Torvald damage.

Great Parnell players: insane damage.
Regular: great damage.
Poor: okay damage.

Torvalds greatest: great damage
Regular: great damage
Poor: almost great damage.

Average those out for each character:
Parnell has great and Torvalds for slightly less great. The explanation since its so hard for you people to understand is this: Torvalds maximum damage potential is slightly less than Parnell. However the absolute ease of his usage ( much didn’t require point blank combat and the strategic sacrificing of life for SS) is to such a level that even the shittiest assaullts have little trouble almost maximizing his damage potential, whereas the others require too much skill for those players to manage.

So, as said before, you can identify the less skilled players by their undying fervor toward keeping Torvalds damage where it is.

Or focusing a character, that is why he is so strong in certain comps. Have a hank, Caira, torvald comp and goliath can not go for one person ever. Caira heals herself to fast and with hanks shield, she can not be killed, add on the mortars and you are taking extreme damage, go for hank he cloaks, go for torvald he gets a shield, plus a hank shield, plus caira heals, go for the trapper and not only can you not kill him but you will take insane amount of damage. It becomes a game of catching them out of place if ever, or going to lv 3 and hopefully get enough power to beat them. If you focus with any other assault attacking you with that comp there is a risk/reward of about even. Do it with torvald and you will lose all of your health.

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You know how Hank will use orbital to deny himself or his friends? That’s Torvald always. Forever. It’s much stronger at S3 since at that point your monster is so gigantic that you’ll be getting hit with basically every mortar and just melt. He’s also excellent at punishing body camps severely.

If you fight a defensive comp with no strikes as Goliath at the relay, even with full health at stage 3, the fight is actually in their favor.

Hyde doing more damage than Torvald? Don’t trust these statistics. No one complains about Hyde, people complain about Torvald. Experience says more than these statistics. Who are playing these characters and how many are playing each, versus who (pros/noobs)? How long did each match took? If anything I’d say Torvald destroys the monster faster thus resulting doing less damage. I don’t fear any assault except Torvald and sometimes Parnell. Hyde is a joke.

Would you be interested in my honest opinion on that particular matter?