Can someone help me with these monster perks?


I don’t know if there’s already a thread for this, and if there’s a similar one just lead me to it please!

The questions I have are about the monster perks, and it’s kinda tricky ones (and please don’t laugh at me for asking haha, I suck at math and have never ever been good at it so I am not gonna try to count myself.) I have tried to check the traversal and CDR perks but I wanna be 100% sure, been thinking about making this topic for so long and feel like I need to do it otherwise it’s on my mind 24/7.

But anyways I wanna know (for all monsters):

  1. How much does the time decrease on my abilities when I pick CDR perk? (I would like to know how long the original cooldown on the abilities are vs with the 20% CDR perk)
  2. How much more damage does my abilities do AND my melee attacks per hit (with and without the 10% damage bonus perk)
  3. How faster does all of my 3 traversals recharge with the 30% stamina increase? And how long without?
  4. How much less damage do I take with the 10% damage resistance? And how much do I take without it?


lets just say movement makes you sanic
espicially on kelder and goliath




Yeah movement is my favourite, but I am really curious about the other ones because there’s really no other perk I use other than movement speed and traversal. I never pick any other perk.


Currently at work. I Will answer this when I get home. Thanks for the tag @10shredder00


Sneak / faster pounce : Movement is the best

In fights Damage bonus / CDR / traversal recharge

To insure no evo doom : traversal recharge … / movement (sneak)

Tip : never pick dmg resistance … traversal recharge can make you mitigate more damage than the dmg resistance

My perks :

Goliath : movement / traversal recharge / dmg bonus

Kraken : CDR / Damage bonus / traversal recharge

Wraith : Movement

Behemoth : feeding speed / dmg bonus / traversal recharge

Don’t use traversal recharge unless you know the hunters can find you early on


well, this is a whole can of beans… definately gonna need a long-winded post…
(adding to the to-do list)
@white_hawke8 has compiled a large majority of the information, but in short:
Armour Regen is a waste of time in its current state, since evolve is combat focused, and you dont regen armour while in combat.
Stage 1: 8000 hp (5 health bars) 4000 armor (10 armor per second regen)
Stage 2: 13000 hp (8 health bars) 5000 armor (12.5 armor per second regen)
Stage 3: 18000 hp (11 health bars) 6000 armor (15 armor per second regen)
Now multiply those values by the armour regen bonus, and you’ll be good.

ClimbSpeed Does exactly what it says, 400% climb speed. You can climb a 1 tier terrain change in 1/4th the time.

CoolDown Reduction’s importance varies depending on your fight style, and if you’re consistently using your abilities. Overall, it typically removes 2s from your ability cooldown (again, this changes PER Ability)

Rock Throw:
Stage 1: 664
Stage 2: 684
Stage 3: 730
Notes: deals half damage when rock does not hit directly

knockback 24/26/28
radius 4/5/6
speed 26/33/43
8 second cooldown

It sounds like this post needs more of the concrete values from the game. I believe @The_Mastermind has them all publicly available on the forums, and you can access each independent value there.
Its hard to give a full concrete answer without writing a 10k word essay on each perk. Each of them has their purpose and utility (armour regen being the exception that proves the rule :stuck_out_tongue: )


White hawk collects all the raw data, and I convert it into things that are useful or nice to know (like how perks affect things).

As for

This project (The Index: Database) is currently on hold until TU09 because then I don’t have to type massive threads twice as it takes a while to make and update those.

However, feel free to tag and ask me anything in the meantime.

I am now leaving work and should be home in around an hour.


Anything specific you want to know? Youre original post is quite detailed in the questions and will do great but if there’s anything else ask me!


Thank you! :slight_smile: Yeah there’s one thing: does all monsters have the same movement speed? Been trying to figure it out and it looks like they don’t have the same but it could just be the animation that tricks my eye.


But all abilities get a decreased cooldown on them when using the CDR perk, right? Thank you for the info :slight_smile:


Correct. All monsters abilities get the cool down. Decoy, Leap Smash, Tongue Grab, Banshees, Spiders, etc.


Before i do a fulllllll reply. im gonna do an example of what i think you’re asking for. If these are what you’re looking for, i’ll continue making the reply.

Format References
Without Perk -> With Perk
Outside combat (Inside Combat)
Stages 1/2/3

Goliath Flame Breath 8 secs -> 6.4 sec

22 (10) -> 17.6 (8)

Leap Smash
22 / 20 / 18 (9 / 8 / 7) -> 17.6 / 16 / 14.4 (7.2 / 6.4 / 5.6)

Rock Throw
8 -> 6.4

Meteor Goliath Flame Breath 8 secs -> 6.4 sec

24 (10) -> 19.2 (8)

Leap Smash
24 / 23 / 22 (11 / 10 / 9) -> 19.2 / 18.4 / 17.6 (8.8 / 8 / 7.2)

Rock Throw
8 -> 6.4

These will pretty much follow the above example.

This is a variable perk. this would actually take quite a while to do because we have 24 hunters and 44 damaging abilities on the hunter side.