Can someone give Tips and tricks on how to play torvald

so far that ive seen he has been the hardest of all assaults to master, but his damage and his burst is also the best as i noticed some good torvald players do.

can some torvald players give tips on how to play him, his playstyle, perk choices, good match-ups & bad match-ups, good comps?

Aim mortars at your allies and stay in the monsters blind spots (I.e. Not infront of him.) toss shrapnel mines while your mortars reload. Only use shotgun when you are right next to the monster.

You yell “dooooooooom”, monster gets scared and run away from game. Tada, you won. Easy, huh?


there isnt enough information on that thread, the only real good reply is from @Torvald_Stavig the rest is outdated and legacy, i didint find enough information about perks,comps,and bad match ups, only mortar usage which i think is really really good, thanks @Torvald_Stavig.

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dmg, switch, reload is the set up I am using because I found shooting shotgun most of the time and only use mortar when the monster is climbing is way more effective in solo queue

I don’t play stage two, other wise I would absolutely love to help.

Ill do some research.

Perk choices:
Depending on how much you want to use the mortars either switch/capacity/capacity or switch/dmg/dmg
Note: since you Need 16.66666% capacity to get 1 mortar, only the combination of boch capacity perks will give you 2 extra mortars (totalling 8), while the gold one will give you 1 mortar and the silver one none.
In both cases the switch is there because, since you have to constantly rotate your weapons, the other perks are just not worth it.

Regarding playstyle:
Your shotgun is the main damage dealer. When it’s empty you should throw the frisbee if the weakpoints are not already deployed. Switch to your mortars whenever the opportunity arrises, but also think if it’s worth it. While some Monsters seem to just attract them whereever you aim, others feel like they are impossible to hit. So try to think if it’s really worth it. Or if you could do more damage with your shotgun.
Speaking of your shotgun: It’s an incredibly accurate one. You might have already noticed, but in case you haven’t: you can aim downsights with it, which makes it suprisingly useful at longer ranges. Also it’s already quite accurate (as long as you are not jumping and jetpackboosting).

Lastly, aiming your mortar.
As already said try to not aim where you think the Monster will be, but instead aim where you think your teammate will be, because the monster will be right next to him. Secondly, don’t always shoot every single mortar at the same spot. Try to shoot them in a line, so that when for example a goliath uses his charge, he will charge right through them as they are about to land.
Also, if you stand at the bottom of a cliff or something similar, you can very easily hit a monster, that’s chasing a hunter on top of it or when it’s coming down.
Against a Kraken: there is this one good height where you can directly fire your mortars at the kraken. But in most cases you should stick to the (suprisingly accurate!) shotgun.

Well, that’s what’s coming to my mind right now, maybe I can think of more tips later. Hope it helps, and don’t Forget:


i see, well it makes sense if you miss your mortar shots, you would been doing more damage with your shotgun, but i think torvald does way more damage if you combine the two,i think the mortars of torvald are his joker card,if you do deal it at the right time at the right place you can end it very quickly.

also i think getting more capacity/capacity is better then dmg/dmg(13%) because if you hit all 8 mortars each doing 175 damage, you do 1,4k damage, while with dmg/dmg you only do 1,186 damage, sure your mortars pack more of a punch with damage so you can miss more of em while with capacity you do less if you hit the same amount of mortars but with capacity you do have more room for error, and if you do hit all, youre rewarded way more then going dmg/dmg.

also dmg/dmg only increases shotgun damage per pallet by 1(from 11 to 12),while capacity/capacity gives you 10 shots as opposed to 8, so i think ill go with 2 extra shots instead of 8 for 1 extra dmg per pallet.

The only tip I have is that it is best to launch the Mortar Cannons against Goliaths when they are about to throw a rock. That way you will land all of them, and deal massive damage if you have used the Shrapnel Grenade before doing so.

Pick Torvald
Lose multiple times
Give up and pick an actually viable assault
At least worked for me

wait, just because you lost a bunch of times with him dosent make him un-viable.

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First thing u need to do before you pick Torvlad in solo que is to goto player options and mute every one… Coz as soon as you pick it your gonna hear an onslaught of negativity …

Once you done that your in peace to try him out … Expect an overwhelming sensation of guilt when you miss mortars…

Griff,maggie go well with Torvald…
Kala/cabot is actually good as well the trick is to make monster focus medic or trapper and let them climb a big ledge… and you aim mortars uptop while kala/cabot do their thing…
(wont be effective if monster has climb speed)

if its a Kraken… u just find the nearset beach and kill urself

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It was meant to be a joke, I do actually like torvald :smiley:

Yeah, the mortars combined with cabot are just ridiculous.

@3evilgenius I agree with most of what you said, and most of the time I use the capacity/capacity perks, but one thing you forgot:
capacity only gives burst. Your mortars will still reload with the same speed plus it takes longer to fire them.

And one thing I forgot to mention: don’t get depressed if the monster is dodging your mortars! They might not seem like it, but are very effective tools for zoning. Think of it this way: every second the monster is not attacking someone because it’s busy dodging the mortars, gives your medic more time to heal the one being focused.
One combo i’m always happy about for example: Lazarus/Torvarld. As soon as someone else than Laz or you is down, the monster is basically in a lose/lose situation: if it doesn’t have have a lot of interrupting ranged attacks, the monster must decide between taking your mortars and getting the strike OR evading the mortars but letting Laz revive.

Does this also go for stuff like Hank’s air strike?
I know TS Hank’s Orbital Laser is most effective if you look straight at the monster when “casting” it.

yeah, torvald is pretty dope when you think about it, i cant think of any other assault that can zone/control a monster cause they will be afraid of eating a barrage of mortars at their backs(maybe lennox and blitz markov but only if they are ignored and the monster dosent bitchslap them to reset their multipliers), he has the effect of holding the monster back like a trapper.

im used to play e.griffin and jack, im used to feel like that when i miss an harpoon or fail to position myself and bend the beam correctly, allowing the monster time to kill the medic/support, makes me want to tear my hair out.

Depends on the situation, but yeah, just aim at the person the monster is focusing.