Can someone give me a rundown


So im normally playing on Xbox. But i upgraded my GPU and went evolve went free on PC i was pretty stoked.

Except for when i got in game i expected to have tiers 1-3 unlocked like base game. except now i cant even play the goliath or any of the characters. I need to like buy all of them all over again…

This is my perspective currently on the new build. Can people please point out the errors in that train of thought? (there are errors and i dont quite follow the changes or how to buy these keys)


haven’t played on computer since it isn’t supported on MacOS :rage:. But from what I’ve gathered, the tutorials have to be completed for Markov and Goliath… past that, I have no clue


Sorry if others have responded, but this is a flyby post.

1)play tutorial to unlock assault and goliath
2) you never played on the pc so your items wouldnt cross over… (no cross platform play)
3)Keys are earned via in game rewards and accomplishments including the daily challenge.

4)i Hope i was able to help out.!



You only received Tiers 1-3 if you previously owned the game on PC. If you didn’t you get the free rotation characters (that being Meteor Goliath, Caira, Tech Sgt. Hank, Abe, and Hyde as of right now). When the free characters change you will no longer be able to play as the previous set of characters unless you purchased them.

You can also unlock Goliath and Markov who are locked behind the Monster and Hunter tutorials respectively.

Past that everything else must be purchased if you hadn’t previously owned the game, all 23 Hunters and 6 Monsters. Additionally keys cannot be purchased, welcome to the grind my friend.


uuuugggghhh, there goes any thought/possibility of switching to PC


btw thanks for filling me in friends


I don’t see why this would deter you in any way from playing the game on PC. If you have it installed and had recently upgraded your PC I see no reason to stray from the game.

If you’re really that distraught by this you can always go to a third-party site and purchase the game there and get “Founder” and the first three tiers however that money doesn’t go to TRS.


its just starting over getting elite skins and having to unlock my favorites plus the skins i bought for the kraken. its all a bit too much lol. Is the PC vsn controller compatible? @10shredder00


Vsn controller?


Did you mean PS4 controller?

I think with a little work, you can plug in a PS4 controller and get it to work. Haven’t done it myself (I’m a keyboard+mouse gal for shooters generally…)


sorry i abbreviated version. My XB1 controller wasnt connecting to my PC for some reason when i tried it initially so i asked. Figured it out though