Can someone explain to me what is going on with the DLC?


They said it was coming out on the 31st. Yet if you buy it today you get access to it. Why not tell us it was coming out on the 30th then? I do not understand this logic.


cuz they like us and wanted to make us happy? <3


It’s the 31st in Europe, bro. They can’t have Europe exclusive content. 30th here, 31st there.


I suppose that make sense? But I can’t recall any game that’s done that before.


I never buy DLC for other games besides Evolve, so I couldn’t list any.


Apologies, meant to post that deleted comment somewhere else.


I have, and I’ve been to a few midnight releases to. It might be different with DLC, but I’ve never seen a company compensate for timezone differences. If that is what they did.


If they did it’s pretty nice of them. That way everyone gets it at the same time.