Can someone explain response time?


I was wondering HOW the difference beetween 5ms/4ms/3ms/2ms/1ms monitors does concretely occure for the gamer…
What are the visual differences?
What are the ingame advantages/disadvantages?

And basically, if I put 2 exact same gamers into a deathmatch - whatever the game -(same brain, same skills, same PC, same character/weapon, same everything, but the first one with a 2ms monitor and the second with a 1ms monitor), would the second player really have a theoritical advantage?


Yes, BUT only in games that rely heavily on twitch reflexes. If it was COD or CS:GO then yes, every ms is a huge (dis?)advantage.
But in Evolve, twitch reflexes are pretty much unnecessary. SO if you’re planning to play a lot of shooters where it all depends on who can spray their weapon first, then yes, a low reaction monitor is a big advantage.


I’m planning to play Evolve only :wink:
All right then but how is it showing onscreen?


There are no other real differences I know of. As far as I can tell, it’s the same visually.


Just take a BenQ monitor and you should be good to go


Actually planning to buy the Benq bl3200…
My concern is… It’s only 60hz…
But guess what: there are no 120hz 32" monitors in 1440p!


If I were you I’d pick a monitor only if I really need one right now, otherwise I’d wait for a freesync/gsync 27’ or more monitor, would be a lot better.

May as well revise what you’re truly looking for man, your requirements are a bit too demanding for nowdays screens even at high price I guess


27 is really too small for me… Have been playing on a 1080p 32" for years now.
What I need is higher resolution, that’s why I’m looking for a wqhd monitor, in 32".
4k is too much I guess i don’t need it, and I have “only” one GTX980…

So 32" 1440p is what i am really looking for. Only con on that is : no 120hz…


I’m also thinking about gaming on a large monitor, don’t get me wrong, I’m simply waiting for freesync to be a standard before buying, thats also why I don’t want to buy a Gtx 970, I’m really struggling not to buy it right now. :smile:

Anyway, If you’re not playing as a competitive player, you shouldn’t care too much about latency issues if you don’t play fast paced games like CS:GO, try to go for a non TN-panel with good and accurate colors, but 120hz on screens that big … I think I never actually saw one… but if you manage to find one, latency shouldn’t be an issue at all on that type of monitor.


It actually doesn’t exist beyond 1080p…
And 1080p on a 32" has become pointless… Aliasing is just too big even when AA maxed out…

All right then, I think I will go for the Benq BL3200…
60hz only but WQHD in 32"… And decent response time… And decent price. Was released 800$ and is now 450.


Assuming ALL OTHER VARIABLES ARE IDENTICAL, the monitors with less response time are better. The problem is that there are so many other variables that you can’t possibly have identical. There are so many pieces to discuss, if you really want to delve into response times in general. I won’t write about everything, because I feel it’s not needed.

The short answer is that it realistically doesn’t matter between 1-5ms of screen latency. Those are mostly used for applications that require precise syncing with what the monitor displays. If you want EVERYTHING gaming related to be checked off, so as to limit all the gameplay problems that COULD happen with your hardware, it’s WAY more important to have a monitor that’s 100+hz.

Human’s already have a reaction time that fluctuates from 200ms to 400ms, which means that the 1-5ms of latency really isn’t going to help you play better. The biggest factor that you want to have reduce is your input lag. Input lag is the time it takes for the input from your input device to affect the game. Having a monitor that has a refresh rate (Hz) that’s higher, will allow for a much smoother feel in your input and is absolutely necessary for playing twitch shooters at the top level.

As far as visual diffrences are concerned, displays with low latency are usually TN panels which have a much lower color gamut than IPS panels. You can’t buy IPS panels that have low latency and a high refresh rate, but the colors will look better.

Here’s an article on input lag:

I don’t even know if TRS will officially support refresh rates that are higher than 60. I feel like they will, but I don’t know for sure. I didn’t mind playing Evolve capped at 60fps, even though I’m a hardcore fps fanatic. The game simply isn’t precise enough to require incredibly fast reaction shots at many points in the game.


If your below 10ms then you will not even notice the difference. Heck my sony LED tv is at 17ms response time and that is barely perceptible to the human brain even under ideal conditions.


There have been studies that show latency under 80ms are not perceptible to humans, unless under the effects of adrenaline.


Thank you very much for that long response! Hopefully some dev’ will come visit us here to talk about the refresh rate they allow… but the lastest trailer makes me think they DO allow 120 and even 144 hz… It feels sooo smooth…


That’s right, they do feel soooo smooooth! :smiley:

I have an Asus VG248qe 144hz monitor and I love it to death.



I guess the 5 more inches of a 60hz 32"monitor could compensate the lack of 120hz by a larger vision surface, right? Just say yes… :smiley:


yeaaa…uuhhhhh… almost? :smile:

I mean, this game doesn’t cap the amount of the game you can see, regardless of what resolution you’re playing at, like Starcraft 2 does. Maybe seeing more of the game with a higher resolution could be worthwhile. You should be able to easily keep 60fps at 1440p with a 980.


I think so yes, since the rest of the rig is on the same level. That’s it, the monitor will be the birthday gift I will get to myself… and a few days later Evolve will come by the mail :stuck_out_tongue:


Well technically you won’t see wider than on a regular screen, just bigger so yeh its just vision surface, it depends on how far you are from your screen too.

I’d personnaly choose 120 hz prior to the added inches of screen because 27" seems like the max to me, there’s like 80 cm between my eyes and my screens so… Just depends if evolve actually unlocks further than 60 fps, but you can still modify some files to break that limitation.