Can Someone do This for me?


So me @ZkyClank and 9 others are about to embark on a role play journey. I’ve set out my character and I just need one thing to complete the whole thing. A profile pic of my character. I’m no artist in the original sense, so I’m asking anyone that has any ability to draw, sketch, doodle, or computer process my character. Her name is Vendalra.
She’s about 5 feet and 7 inches.
She’s got large arms that grow out to Scythes, similar to ones in Prototype.
Her body is scalely red and looks armor plated, similar to Slim.
She’s got one blue eye and one green eye with no hair and large mouth with sharp teeth.
Her legs are large and muscular like, but still armor plated like the rest of her body.
Her chest pertrudes outwards and her stomach caves in.
Her waist line is medium density.
Her feet are like Kraken’s, filled with talons but not too long.
She has no nose and her ears are apart of her skull.
Her face is block like, with a sharp chin and spikes across the forehead.
The top of her back is sharp and her shoulders are broad.
The bottom of her back is caved in like her stomach.
Her butt is rather flat, with a little curve at the bottom.

Is it possible for anyone to make this?


I’ll tag a few talanted artists who may be able to help you out. There’s @SledgePainter @skills4u2envy and if I remember correctly @GrizzleMarine is great at drawing.

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone, my mind has gone blank for some reason. :smile:


Did I give enough detail?


Yeah you did.



Hey, want to join the roleplay?


OK good, just needed to check and make sure.


I’m not really one for roleplays and I don’t think I’d have the time to be honest. Thanks for the invite though, it’s much appreciated. :smile:

Where are you starting from story wise? What’s the background story?


We’re recruits. Getting ready to go battle Monsters!


Well just in a training program. Sounds like a better training program than the Hunters got.


Yeah, but the whole point to ready us for the fight.


Just check out the recruitment page.


What about clothing? What kind of clothing does she wear?


Clothing? She doesn’t wear clothing. She doesn’t have any sexual organs to cover.


A hood could be added though.


Is she digitgrade or plantigrade in her stance? I assume she is a biped and humanoid?


She stands tall, Scythes laying over her shoulder.
She is indeed humanoid.


Here’s a picture of me doing the stance

My arms being the Scythes. I’d also like to have them cross behind her head.


Digitgrade legs? We humans walk plantigrade…this is digitgrade:


In my stance you can see a slight bend, but not to that degree.