Can somebody update me on why the t4 are op in someway?


I just wanna know what are the devs are going to do with them( if they are doing something) and why are they op? I really don’t find them op so I hope they don’t nerf them too much, but yeah, can somebody explain or give examples?
Thank you


They are getting minor damage buffs, which is a shame really. Mostly the next update is revolving around Behemoth though.


I did 28,000 damage as Torvald in a seven minute game… 16,000 as sunny in a three and a half minute game…


I’m not sure if they’re OP, but I do think there’s practically no downside to choosing sunny over the other supports.


Does anyone know when the patch is supposed to come out? (roughly) I want to start playing Behemoth again.


No confirmed date, we’ve just been informed the just of the patch, so far.


Alright, hopefully it’s soon, I really want to play Behemoth and win. It’s quite hard to do so due to the fact that he’s like an ant that the T4 hunters just step on.


I dont know, that roll melee is strong, I have still only lost as Behemoth once


they said this weekend for behemoth


Did they? Do you have a source? Sorry, I don’t mean to call you out, but I’ve seen nothing on this and I stalk these forums like Batman. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for why Tier 4 is OP…I wouldn’t call them Op per say, but Torvald and Sunny need some minor damage nerfs.


I still prefer hank over her.


Why is tier 4 op? Their not, at least not all of tier 4.

Torvald is the most OP. Take item switch, and you can pour out a ridiculous stream of damage. Honestly it feels like cheating every time I use him.

Sunny is also too strong at the moment. She outputs more damage than Cabot did pre-patch and has much more utility.

Crow is probably the most balanced. Gobi is very reasonable and is not overpowered when looking at the other trappers forms of tracking the monster.

Slim is questionable. In most cases I’d actually say he is underpowered. He suffers against Wraith and Goliath as he needs to be able to hit effectively to heal his team. However his spore cloud can be devastating is used properly. Overall, weak healing, huge potential utility.

And or course there is Behemoth who is an underpowered buggy mess of a monster.


I agree with Slim, very weak healing, he can’t handle any type of focusing by the monster, I actually get happy when i’m monster and the hunters have Slim, because the only thing I gotta do is focus somebody and done. Sunny, I love her, but not because of her insane damage, I love her because of the awesome, useful and cute drone she has C:


Slim needs teammates that stay out of the monsters stunlock works wonders with hank and sunny so far (haven’t seen him with other supports yet )


i was reading this 1 fourm and macman was saying they were doing a micropacth for the behemoth


Alright, his exact words were “Next week. We were shooting for tomorrow, but” and then he said something about QA before finishing with “…so you’ll have to make it through the weekend!” So not this weekend, but next week some time. :slight_smile:


i thought he said this weekend lol


We all know you’re OP Peirs.


Mammoth burdz needs some nerfs…everything else seems balanced !


according to the devs they are OP because they do high damage and have high win rate.

Now you are caught up :slight_smile: