Can somebody tell me what happened?


Can somebody explain what happened here?


Super soldier, runs away, hit by rock wall, continue running, turn around, tongue grab miss, probably out of range, tyrant seizes hunter. What are you referring to?


When he grabs me. It was normal then it looked like it switched into doing something else. Also I didn’t think he could do that death roll to hunters.


Its similar to what megamouths will do if you have low health. It’s the animation leading up to them eating you.


Yes my firend, its pretty simple.

Just look closely and you will see… That you got rekt by Tyrant.

Problem solved YW


You just got death rolled.
Happens all the time.


Death roll by Tyrant… been there!!


They are called the greatest predator native to Shear for a reason.


Yep - I often settle a stage 1 dome near a tyrant for knocking the hunters into to I can get a strike on someone else. Easy to get them out so I tend to knock someone in and attack someone else who’s been DPS’ing.