Can somebody advise and point out mistakes?


The first dome was horrible I know but after that I was consistent with strikes and had good chances to win , but health damage was too grave …Mlg no scope Kraken is needed .


Spotted a couple of key mistakes here and there, will break it down in chronological event order:

First Dome Fight

  • There was a strider behind where you evolved which could have been used to armor up. I think you were panning your camera too fast and missed it.
  • Dome spot was actually fine and you started off well with a solid combo on Sunny. But you staying very close to the ground which gave e.griffin some easy harpoons that disrupted your focus. Only at 1:09 mark did you really “fly”.
  • Cruicial LS miss at the 0:53 mark
    Personally I would have gone 1 point in Chain Lightning just for the extra burst.

First Escape

  • Not a very clean escape
  • Wasted a good 10 seconds with the e.griffin hook at the 2:00 mark
  • The path you took to the two mammoth birds wasn’t a good one. The hunters could cut you off easily, as griffin later did.
  • The imperfect pathing also meant they caught up with you easily for a second dome, and without full armor or much feed.
    Personally, once the first dome dropped, I would have used the rock pillar at 1:39 to break line of sight, flew straight to the relay, keeping right again to break los and then head south of the map where there’s abundant food, and also creating as much distance as possible.

Second Dome Fight

  • You went on the aggressive without hesitation and before the rest of the team got there, really good move.
  • Keeping at range after downing griffin, good work there
  • But you stayed around too long after dome dropped. It was about 6 seconds or so. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but the way Hunt works, every second matters alot.

Second Escape

  • Once again, sub-optimal pathing. That route gave you very little food
  • Capitalizing on the Trapper over-extending was really good on your part, but I would have just ignored him and focused on feeding since he wasn’t a priority target.
  • And why OH why didn’t you go for the CDR perk lol? It was right in front of you, then you suddenly turned back and ran straight into the hunters

Third Dome Fight

  • Your sudden turn around gave the hunters a really good dome, though they didnt use it effectively
  • Keeping low to the ground once again meant easy harpoons. Parnell and E.Griff did close to 1.5k damage at the 6:45 mark because of that
  • Focusing Caira next. The better target would have been E.Griff who had 2 strikes. He was an easy target as he was distracted with reviving Sunny and killing him would drop the dome, letting you escape without taking health damage.
    I would call staying to incap Caira an overcommitment, partially because Griffin should have been the focus, and also that it prevented you from getting Stage 3 which you really needed at that point in the match. While it still was favorable trade in terms of health, it wasn’t worth.

Third Escape

  • CDR buff left up for grabs to the hunters, because you didn’t deny it earlier
  • Probably the biggest mistake the entire game was going back for an out-of-dome fight. E.Griff already had two strikes, meaning you gain nothing if you killed him. However, his death procs the dropship timer, which means hunters get back faster, and you lost more health which you didnt had to.
  • That fight also meant they domed you the fourth time before you could evolve, or deny the DR buff
    What I would have done here after the third fight was fly straight for the DR buff, deny it, then fly over to the reaver pits and evolved there.

Basically, it was taking that unnecessary fight to kill E.griffin, and inefficient feeding/escape routes between domes which delayed your Evolve massively and cost you the game.

I felt you had the right kind of aggressive play, good monster control and good target focus, but your escape paths and feeding routes could be a lot better.

Damn I wrote a lot here. Have fun reading and hope it helps you in any way possible :smiley:


On top of what @Deathb3rry said, I also noticed you traverse downwards too much and/or traverse when you’re not looking where you want to go which is a waste.


Giving that a like just for the effort you put into that post.


Thank you so much for such a detailed answer . Evolve community rocks .Any tips how to git good with escape ? Sometimes even if break the line of sight Caira just activates her acceleration field and they are on my tail again .As I have understood if fight happens on the edge of the map I need to escape to the middle so nobody will cut me off , but what to do if fight occurs in the middle and all routes just lead me to a dead end (e.g. on the wraiths trap)? I almost always letting hunters to pick up support or medic so I will get a chance to get another strike is this a mistake ? Ps I had CDR perk so I thought it was a waste of time or they will be able to shoot me of the body if I would go and deny .



Thanks for commenting and watching . If I understand right I need to look at the wanted direction and wait between pushes of traversals , so I won’t waste acceleration from previous push . How long does that push last ?


I think it keeps you flying for around 5 seconds but I don’t really play Kraken so not 100% sure.


Ehh generally when fleeing after a dome fight, your path should be one that creates the most distance possible. Basically it means running across the map in a straight line, with the occasional bends to break line-of-sight.

Monsters using traversals efficiently will always outrun hunters. Kraken’s traversals are a bit shorter, but he has the advantage of Vortex’s huge knockback and casting mines/LS on the move to slow them down severely.

Don’t sweat on it. The dome cooldown of 1:15 is actually a pretty long time. If they made a beeline for where you went, it probably means the dome is still recharging. You can run right past them again before the dome is up. Conserve your traversals before you do that though as you’ll probably need to burn all 3 to get to safe distance.[quote=“dracula_cepesh, post:5, topic:100092”]
I almost always letting hunters to pick up support or medic so I will get a chance to get another strike is this a mistake ?

Depends on the fight. General rule is to never allow hunters to get revived. There are exceptions to this rule though, such as you can confidently incap the next hunter before help arrives from the first incapped hunter and the one who was picking him up.