Can some Hunters and Monsters banned from certain modes?


Namely I’m thinking of Behemoth for Rescue and Lazarus for Defend.

Behemoth pretty much always wins Rescue unless your team mates speak your language and try to kill it but it’s still exceptionally easy to just roll around until the dome is done and escape then mutilate the other survivors while the Hunters desperately try and fail to catch up before you’ve killed most of them.

Lazarus for Defend…just why is he even allowed? A Monster player who sees Laz on the team and doesn’t eat every body must be extremely new not to realize. He can’t heal well at all and the Lazarus Device is rendered useless, plus he can’t do any damage he can merely run away for a little while and occasionally heal people.

It’s just sigh as soon as you see Lazarus pop up you’ve almost 99% lost the fight already, the whole match just becomes a joke. Lord help you if the Monster is Behemoth or Kraken because you’re never going to kill it while at least people are dead constantly.

So yeah a ban on Behemoth in Rescue and Laz in Defend would be wonderful.
Failing that some kind of message like “Are you aware that if you use Lazarus for this match you are almost certain to lose? If you’re just playing as him to level up then yeah, you’re an asshole don’t play Evac for that”
For Behemoth “Please note that using Behemoth is kind of a bitch move in Rescue because it’s extremely easy to win, or don’t you like an actual challenge?”


Banning specific characters from specific game modes seems unnecessary in my opinion. I think they should try balancing each and every character fully, before they consider banning characters from game modes.


In what way could they balance Lazarus to make him useful in Defend?

The only thing that would help him is if for some reason you couldn’t eat bodies as the Monster. Beyond that he’s just terrible there.

For Behemoth they’d have to completely neuter his speed and rolling which is his main thing really, if he was suddenly slow he’d be worthless to play as.
So there’s not much they can do here.


In my opinion, Lazarus is a very good medic in an organized team, especially if the composition of his team synergies well with him. They could give Lazarus a buff that would affect all game modes, or they could alter him in Defend if necessary.

Not sure about Behemoth though. I don’t have enough in experience in Rescue. I suppose they could try to modify him only in that game mode if necessary.


He has his place in the game yeah but not in Defend where most good players congregate. I feel sorry for every team I see with him, it doesn’t matter what level the guy is at or how Elite it says he is.

Kill someone.
Vortex others away.
Eat body, rendering Lazarus useless.
Or just camp there until he runs over to revive them and then they have no medic.

Behemoth I think they should change how much stasis and tranqs affect him because there’s barely any difference in speed when he’s rolling he can still catch up to people and destroy them or escape so you’re forced to use harpoons really.
And all he really needs is Rock Wall there anyway if he keeps getting tranqed or slowed down pop a rock wall and all is fine.

To be honest I don’t think he was a very well thought out Monster, he’s great and adds a lot to the game…but it’s like they didn’t test him in anything other than Hunt.