Can see Kala's Teleporter activate through walls


Platform: PC/Steam
Game mode: Hunt / Solo
Hunters: Emet, Kala, Lennox, Griffin
Monster: Elder Kraken
Map: Aviary
Modifiers: 40 minute time limit
Xbox controller used

While playing a round of solo hunt as E.Kraken, I noticed that when the bots used Kala’s teleporter I could see the flash through walls and across large distances.
The picture below shows where I was, and where the flash appeared on the wall. Unfortunately I was not fast enough at the time to catch the actual flash as it happened.
Only the purple teleporter did this as far as I know, I did not see the orange one do this.


I think this is by design.

just to make the monster(if hes looking the right direction) know by the flash where the hunters are.

you can also hear them teleport which helps out as well.


I could hear it, but I assumed that was the teleporter they had placed just a little ways behind me. It seems strange that it would still be so bright and noticeable through walls and so far away from the monster, but if it really is a design choice than sorry for bringin this up as a bug! :sweat_smile: