Can PC Players Beta The TU09 PLZ?


I know it sounds pretty silly to exclude console players, you know – pretty much the entire remaining player base, but we need to do something other than just sit around. This big, huge update is supposed to be launching this Summer and we really haven’t seen any PR engine at all. There is no gas in the tank. It may be a good idea to open up what currently exists of TU09 into a Beta State.

Allow us to research it, pick at it, make videos about it, etc. Give us something to do. We’re a community that is just sitting around waiting on its butt. I’m not even playing the game right now, but I’d like to make some videos on this new update if its really praise worthy.

Give us something to do. :stuck_out_tongue:


TRS will not do a PC only beta. That would be a stupid move. Hopefully cross platform play is out by then, so PC can play with PS4 and XB1.


I wasn’t trying to reference it to being stupid or not. The reason why I suggested a PC Only Beta was not to exclude the bulk of the remaining population. It was mainly because it costs a lot of money to get a big patch pushed through onto the consoles. If they could do as many updates as they wanted, sure. But I mean a REAL BETA too, not a PR Beta like the one from last year. Basically a Real Beta is one which includes a LOT of updates being shot gunned out nearly every day. That’s impossible for a console.



Oh. I thought that you were talking about a multiplayer beta, like the ones games like COD, DOOM, and Uncharted 4 get.


It was a joke. It’s going to take 5,000 centuries before TU9 and cross platform happens.


No its not.

Several games use server side variables which can easily be adjusted at any time.

You would have to be a console player to know this though.

A great Example was the MAG beta(s)

Anyways what is all this stuff about PC players having nothing to do? I thought PC had the best/most exclusives and cheapest/free games? Play those till TU9 drops maybe?


Here’s why cross platform for FPS titles won’t happen:


This isn’t a thread about pc vs console, nor a thread about cross platform (that the devs have already said is not even remotely on the agenda right now). On topic please :smiley:


When did they say that? And I was joking about what I said about the cross platform.


Yep, it does.

So do console players.

I would hope this is including console players. It sounds like being a pc player is supposed to make pc players/pc players opinions on games more important than a console players and their views/opinions. Why else ask for a pc only beta?


Yeah I see no information on machine specs there either.
So in all likelyhood it wasnt PC’s running the game at the same specs as the console version. Again we all know frames per second = skill level in PC shooters.
Check the CS:GO forums for evidence of that, many PC gamers there claiming a shooter is unplayable below 120FPS and basically rage forced the devs to add in a +200FPS option or something, the comments are really pathetic but seemingly the norm for these players?

I have always said the only way cross platform MP can work is if it is standardized. You cant let 30FPS console players go against PC players at 60, 120, 200+ FPS.

Now MS is a software company, you cant tell me its impossible for them to add Mouse/KB support to the games when they add in cross platform compatibility, so controller input IMO is a sad excuse by MS if the case.

In the end its easy to do, as the xbone players were already getting the option to not play with others in options.

So to make it work:
-Make selecting the cross platform server option enable Mouse and KB support.
-Make PC players who choose to play with console players automatically v-sync at 30FPS (Or what-ever the console game runs at so yeah 30FPS)
-Limit any big in game advantage options on PC to console levels such as draw distance and FOV.

Given these two or three options what would the results of this study have been? All you need to do is equalize performance and input method, then only player skill remains as per usual.


He’s asking PC specific because he/she figured it’d be a lot easier on the Devs to create it on PC. Which as a console player, I’m inclined to agree.


I’ve watched console people play evolve and have compared it to the usual games I play and see. It just isn’t the same.

This is not because of frames per second, but more about the input method being controller for console players and mouse and keyboard for PC users.

Now, I really want to let specific subject go to rest, as @Niaccurshi has said before, it would just result in an endless debate and for the moment, the devs aren’t looking into making it an option either way.


Exactly. I’m not saying PC players are special, I’m just saying that being on console makes it a lot harder for the Devs for this particular request.



PC has been the Beta Patch community for a while, and always is these days in modern gaming. It’s just harder to deliver timely updates to consoles, period.


I believe his intent is that steam doesn’t have the restrictions that consoles have for pushing updates. It’s not a matter of pc players having a better insight.

At least that’s how I interpreted it.


When i watch PC gameplay the main thing i notice is the speed seems to be increased for all things, like monster movement, turn speed, hunter aiming, etc.
Everything looks faster (What some call more “fluid” to me it looks like its in fast forward a bit) and I always believed that was due to the frame rate being closer to 60 then to 30?

Besides that and the FOV it seems the same, but I bet playing it feels a lot different with a high frame rate, as everything would respond faster.


It’s not about PC players being better or anything. This is not a PC Master Race topic, this is more about “Ease for developers” topic.