Can not login in game


I have problems with login into a game. (I played it yest without problem.
Game works fine at start. I log into game but then when i want to play it is said that i’m not connected.




Reinstalling didn’t help. Any other solution?


Disabled all firewalls and other application. Still same problem.

No suggestions or help? FeelsBadMan


I have the exact same problem even tried uninstalling it but still doesn’t work.


koretakebob then we are on same boat. :confused:


Yeah :cry:




@mizx any ideas?


One friend also had the same issue. We played yest together. I have problem after patch as he if that information helps.


Is there any solution yet?


Looks like things were working but stopped…

Can you paste your steam ids so we can look at things on our end?


my steam id is [U:1:210971215] .


Can you try this:

  • Navigate to your local game files by right clicking on Evolve Stage 2 in your games library
  • Select Properties from the drop down list
  • On the new window select Local Files
  • Choose Browse Local Files
  • Find the “precache.m2k” and “cache.m2k” files and delete them
  • Restart the game



Sadly not working :frowning: . Is it possible that there is some problem with Internet service provider? I mean everything else is working fine for me. Friend who have the same issue have the same provider but i would love to know about koretakebob.


@Gertz IT WORKS. Thank you so much i can finally play this awesome game. @philipll Sorry that it isn’t working for you.


Looks like it started working for you again @philipll? You played a game a couple of hours ago at least from what I can see. :slight_smile:


Yeah it start working for me too. Thanks for help guys!


Same problem for me, but it didn’t start working. Also, if i try to do an offline mode, it says every character is locked for maintenence.