Can not find a match (Xbox one)


Been searching for 20 minutes. Restarted Evolve, Internet and my console. Any fix or suggestions?


Have you checked to see if your console is plugged in?


Did you turn it on and off? :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe the next question is if the disc is in.


Dunno if it will help, but I sometimes find on consoles that deleting the internet connection settings and creating a new connection is more reliable than rebooting the modem.


I bought it digital


Did you play with it too much, and now it doesn’t want you evolving?


It’s an issue with ALOT of folk in Xbox One. Sadly enough, the tendency for this to occur even happens even MORE when you have a premade group. Best suggestion I can make is reboot the game, it’s worked for me so far.


This happens alot on Xbox 1? I play on Xbox 1 and I never had a problem like OP nor any significant problems finding players. In fact, the most problem Di hear about cant finding players is on PC and maybe PS4


I’m not having any problems finding players on PC. More of the issue, of finding a game where I actually get my priority.


Well you are a lucky one


Lucks got nothing to do with it. ^.-

It’s all pretty probable, there are quite a few people still on PC. Enough to find a game that is.


I’ve heard others say differently . Just saying is all


Sometimes it can be annoying. People often leave the lobby, so I understand that’s painful for PC players.


Kk. Also, shin I love you


Love me too… ^.-


Shin, you got something your face there, man


Ok I found out the problem. I had to clear my mac address (I dont know why) and its working perfectly now