Can No longer play Hunt please help -.-


Im playing on the ps4 and the new hunt 2.0 is frustrating to put it polightley, i mean seriously finding players is not the problem its once you get into the “role select” screen the timer doesnt show up half the time and doesn’t let you select your role… and on the miraculous chance that it does… you get into the pregame lobby and it dcs you from your servers… has this new matchmaking made it impossible for me to play? yes i can now no longer play the only game mode that was fun. unless i want to play with bots. this is a constant issue and i have yet to hear from a single 2k representative about the issue. not only that but your upcoming patch doesn’t seem to address connection issues… have you made it so only one specific areas can connect? because its starting to feel like the community you want in your “our promise” section is nothing but a lie… id think that being able to play a game that was working fine until a new matchmaking update that you forced onto the community would be important to you, i do hope that i can hear from someone this time at least since this is the only way to express issues with your soft ware.

Atleast pre 2.0 i could play a round every 5 min… now i wait in q for 2 hours between games as i get matched with the same set of trappers or same set of assault and i mean a full set of 3, or where these bugs come up. isn’t the point of selecting a (P.S just got disconnected after a 2 hour q…) preferred role so that you don’t get matched up with groups of 3 other assaults or trappers or medics or supports?

EDIT: I have now crashed because of these glitches 5 Times… this is not my consoles problem… idk if it helps but error code (CE-34878-0)i can officially no longer play hunt…

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