Can my PC run evolve?


Hey guys I couldn’t find a topic for me to ask on, but since I’m not very knowledgeable about pc’s and my friend helped me assemble my computer I was wondering if anyone could help.

Here are my pc’s stats:
windows 8.1 64-bit
Intel core I5 4440
1TB of ram

I was just wondering if you could tell me if my computer can run the most recently released figures to run evolve and if not what do I need to upgrade.

Thanks in advance. :smile:


Need to know what you video card is.


I am also confused on this. I think maybe you mean 1 TB of storage space?


yeah sorry my bad, I’m about to upgrade my video card so could you just tell me the best to get?


Depends on your budget tbh.


lets say roughly £400


I’m a big fan of NVidia cards lately. One of the more recent ones is the GTX 980. This is around that pricepoint and is pretty damn good. However, you would need to make sure that the graphics card is compatible with your motherboard. Also, after this purchase, your CPU would be the next most likely bottleneck when it comes to gaming. Do you know the speeds of your Ram? I.E. 1333 1600 etc…?


I assume that’s it.

1 TB of RAM… holy crap I wanna see the computer that would use that. Nuclear simulations or something?


Just start plugging (smashing) RAM into every slot on the motherboard :smiley:


It’s not gonna be enough!


You couldn’t find not a single topic about this lol?
But like Madd said those new gtx’s look pretty nice. They are smoking most card on the market. Either the gtx 970 or 980 would do you well.

Also, if you could find a r9-290x or r9 290 (from the red team) at a price cheaper than the gtx’s by like sapphire with 4gb’s of memory* than go for that too. Those are still screaming fast cards as well. The reference ran a little hot and heavy but guys like Sapphire and Asus etc have some good versions of the cards out.

I say go for 4gb of memory on the card because there are so many great cards out right now that offer 4gb of memory that to get anything less at that price range would be silly.


sorry I meant 8GB of RAM not 1TB that would be ridiculous! :grin:


But totally cool nonetheless :slight_smile:


thanks for the help guys! :smiley:


Tom’s Hardware does some pretty good reviews of cards with serious bench marking as well as a nice monthly series on the best stuff for the money.

Tom’s Hardware: Best GPU for the money, Janurary


thanks this is really helpfull


I love tom’s lol. They do it for all the big things monthly (cpu, gpu, motherboard and sometimes monitors). Also they generally have some great articles and advise.


I second this. Tomshardware was how I used to build PCs back in the day. Still lots of GREAT info and comparisons.


1TB of RAM could run Russia


Yea I learnt pretty much everything I need to know to build a PC from Tom’s lol… now all that’s left is to build one :expressionless: