Can Monsters See a Damage Number for Pouncing?


Simple request, anyone? Bueller?

For those of us who try and include pounces, actual pounces not just tripping someone up with the mechanic like a n00b, it would be nice to see how much damage was given compared to the main four abilities. Especially considering the amount of effort that goes into viable pounces. I know there have been some requests for Hunters to see DoT numbers too, similar request here.

Also, funny story…just played a match and had three clean pounce kills cause the hunters weren’t paying attention. One of them was complaining that I wasn’t fighting like a monster…and was the first one to try roaching me. Almost had a fourth, but Hank dropped an orbital on his dumb ass…least he knew he was in trouble!


I always see about 90 dmg per tick about whenever I pounce