Can Major Rewards Actually Be Major?


For people who can’t see this or read it:

Next Major Reward is: Day 19 - 1,100 Keys

Day 17 - 2,500 Keys
Day 21 - 3,000 Keys

That doesn’t seem major to me :confused:


I had just assumed since they had adjusted the Key rates and stuff at the beginning of the Month that this was just an oversight and it would be better next Month.

Those major rewards are actually meant to be things. However since you own them, you get ~20% of the key value of the item, which leads to them being worth less than normal. No oversight involved.


Are you sure you don’t already own the “major reward” and that’s just the silver key value you get?


Because for me it’s a Blitz Markov skin


Blitz Markov Skin? I checked the punch card thread and it says it’s Blitz Makrov himself


Guess it’s that!


That’s right.

Went back to October’s Punch Card article because I was freaking bored of constant silver keys rewards :smiley:

cough bobsicle cough

Every month someone makes this mistake :smiley: Don’t feel too bad @The_Specialist


When you have most of the characters, your major rewards will be replaced by keys. That’s how it works. More characters, less major rewards for you to unlock.

And let’s be frank here, new monster adaptation incoming and as long as you have punched in every day this month, you get it for free. That’s major with a capital MAJ.


Unless you’re a colonist, then you get it anyway.

Ah, okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Well question has been answer I guess I can get a close

I guess I’ll just be content with my items I get for free lol

Unless you are a founder :wink:

Founder, not Colonist. Colonist is a forum term (well, also something us monsters used to eat in a certain game mode that’s now lost in time). Keep in mind that you can play the game without ever posting in the forum. Besides, both terms don’t overlap, IIRC not everyone in the forums is a Colonist.

I know, I just get the two confused sometimes. (Colonist sounds better imo)

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