Can Maggie trap Wraith during Abduction?


I am really trying to strategize and create counters for monsters, in [hopes] to become a top-tier player or strategist for this upcoming game. After playing the Alpha, I was in love with the Trapper class, especially Maggie.

Seeing the wraith being a high-damage and mobile monster, can Maggie stop the beast in her tracks while she is abducting someone with Harpoon traps?


I recall someone saying you could stop Wraith’s Abduction with harpoons, but I don’t know for sure.


Yes Maggie’s traps can stop the Wraith’s abduction.


What about her invisibility? Will the harpoon detect her?


I think they won’t detect her until she decloacks but I’m not sure.


Harpoons can interrupt Abbduction and Warp Blast if the maximum leash distance is reached. The ability will still go off, it simply won’t move any further than the harpoon will allow. So that amazing Abbduction Coach pulled of on the stream? A good Griffin player could have interrupted that with proper aim and timing.

And I believe that harpoon traps are not triggered when your are invisible, but you can still trigger Arc Mines.


Wraith is not targeted by automated devices ( Maggie traps, Bucket’s turrets )when she is invisible, instead they target the decoy.