CAN Laz revive a monster?


Haven’t tried it myself, but has anyone tried to res a dead minion in Defend or Nest?


You can’t. 10 chars.


Well damn, I was gonna try that and scream “RISE MY MINION… RISE!!!” but NO! You had to ruin it. D:


Tried it on minnions in Evac… does not work in game but he potentially could :wink:


You can, did it today by mistake, meant to revive the trapper and revived the nomad on top of Maggie.


For future readers, Yuri is saying (correctly) that you can revive wildlife but you cannot revive monsters or minions.


Sadly, no minion revives. Recently tried this with some pals w/ the 2nd monster map effect. :frowning:


He didn’t ask if you could res wildlife, he asked if you could res a Minion. Those are two very different things.


Pretty sure there is some dialogue where Laz asks if he could bring a monster on board and ressurect it, to which Markov tells him that Parnell said no.


You could actually use Lazarus device on monster when it was dying in Alpha, it did nothing though.


he said he can I heard him say it in the dropship


Right, didn’t pay attention, my bad.


He says he can, but OP is asking if you can do it on a minion IN GAME.


He can’t, because Hyde and Parnell told him not to.