Can I upgrade from Basic to Digital Deluxe?


I pre-ordered the basic digital version on the Playstation Store and would like to change it to the Deluxe Edition. Is there a way to do this??



In steam there is an option to refund the money so you can buy the other one.Have you checked if there is an option like this at PSN?I don’t know much about PlayStation.Until you get a response try messing with your account and PSN to find if there is a way.


Ok thanks - I used a gift card for $20 of it so I hope this doesn’t get complicated, haha. I guess worse case I could buy the Season Pass separate. I think I would only lose $5 that way.


Yeap if its only for the deluxe you don’t have much to loose


That’s what I did, but only because I wanted the game case and CD rather than a digital version. I’m a sucker for the small things like that.