Can I run this game on my computer?


Hi, I’m kinda new here so I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I really want to buy this game, but I don’t know if I can run it. I’m not really good with these kinds of stuff so thats why I’m asking. Here are my specs:

Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-4710MQ processor (Quad Core, 6MB Cache, Overclocked up to 3.7GHz w/ Turbo Boost)

Video Card : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 860M graphics with 2GB total GDDR5

Memory : 8GB DDR3L at 1600MHz (2 x 4G)

Hard Drive : 1TB 5400RPM SATA 6Gb/s



Yeah there’s a couple threads on this already and I do believe a developer posted this already but I could be wrong I don’t follow PC stuff so maybe someone else can give you a link … Like the almighty @Plaff!!!


There is no official Beta or Release spec for the PC as of right now. You can go off of the outdated Alpha requirements in which case you are plenty fine to run the game.


Thanks for the answers. Well, I guess I should ask my question when the game is released. Now its only in alpha.


Your rig looks pretty good regardless so you shouldn’t have too many (If any) issues. :slight_smile:


Here’s the link for the Big Alpha recommended specs:

There should be new specs announced for the Beta soon, so maybe it’s worth waiting for those. It shouldn’t be too far away now.


It sounds like a good idea, thanks for the tips. :smile:


All hail @Plaff the all finder of things!!!


I’ll have to remember to have @Plaff find things for me instead of looking them up myself… Muahahahaha… Sucker :stuck_out_tongue:


Id put a ssd drive in that laptop and that will make it so much faster :slight_smile:


Not very familiar with laptop hardware, but your setup sounds comparable to the desktop rig I had during the Big Alpha, and I ran it just fine. It wasn’t as pretty as it looked in the streams or screenshots from people with more current hardware, but it was perfectly playable and fun.


His laptop is pretty good to run games. It’s honestly not that old and the set up is pretty decent.


Man that’s gotta be able to play it lol… That’s pretty good for a laptop.


I recommend for specs testing and stuff. Community there is very responsive and have helped me in the past.