Can I run the game

Basically I need to know if my computer will be able to handle this game, i’m talking low settings here. All I want is a framerate that the game is playable at. My specs are as follows.
I’ve posted my specs in a later comment

I have seen a lot of pictures named IMG_8559.jpeg. Which one do you mean? :smiley:

Crap sorry ill just type my specs instead

GPU 820m 2gb

i7 4702 mq

Quad core with 8gb ram

I have more info let me know if you need to know anything else

When I read the title I thought you were asking TRS for their Keys to Evolve…

Thats pure bullshit. I repeat DO NOT TRUST THIS !

This website says i cant run Evolve, Farcry 4 etc. I can run Farcry 4 @ Maximum graphics with 2nd step AA(forgot name)
I can run evolve @ High-ish ,with default AA and medium - low shadow ! (Medium shadow if its online mode, low if offline mode)

And yes mine is a laptop !

Ok, never mind then

Would run, but its gona be pretty hard. Very laggy. —>>MIGHT— work properly if you OC your GPU !

Well thanks for the info. I might end up picking up the game when it goes on sale just because I don’t want to risk paying full price and it not working.

Try gamestop or something before you buy the game.(or torrent it) But believe me, offline game is pure bs and boring as hell !

Normally i would torrent most games , then buy the game for ONLINE play !
Since i got beta key, i tested the game before came out :wink:

Check out on

It’s a website that I use frequently, will tell you what you have, what’s recommended and what you’ll need to run it best!
Give it a shot, hope it helps :smile:

Or, if you’re unsure of new websites then the picture below will suggest the Minimum you’ll need to at least get things moving…

SAME! :laughing: