Can I roll back my game and play against bots please?


So. Ya know… got a few hours in you’re game here. about 700 or so hours. Id like to roll back my game, and play against bots. becouse Id like to play the game i payed for, and enjoyed 700 hours of. Not get stoped by stage 1 monsters all day, like its easy. Thanks for any reasonce at all in advance. This is a real question.

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I just asked the same question here The Devil is in the numbers :stuck_out_tongue: I dont think you can, but I am curious if anyone knows a way

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I’ve whined quite a bit about the current monster power.
Meanwhile monster players are doing their best to convince the community that it’s just experience and skill…

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It goes for 2 sides.

You think Goliath players like figuring out what to do with their skill points when they don’t like 1 particular ability but improving the others grants a mere 3% extra damage?

Let’s try to get used to it a bit more.

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Well there is one option but it would set you back all the way. If you’re on consoles I believe you can delete the title updates and then decide not to install them but you won’t be able to play any multiplayer, DLC characters modes or maps, and you’ll be missing bug fixes.


there is a way, i did it once by accident. i formatted my pc and moved my steam on another disk and all my elites and levels were gone. but it doesn’t change your hours in steam or something -.-


Just play bots now. What’s the difference between going back and playing bots? Against bots with an all bot team I lose sometimes but win more than I lose of course.
But I honestly feel the game is in a great place. The monsters are scary again and make you cautious while fighting them. I used to run into the fight knowing I would destroy them, now I’m a bit more careful.


Just play solo.

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Nah, this patch screwed the power curve on the monster, its not the same game, not even close


That’s actually the important part and really sucks that consoles don’t allow that. I think there is not
a single game where that is possible. I would instantly go back to the last version of the game to
play multiplayer. I’d choose hunt 1.0 over hunt 2.0 anyday.


Bots can do their job pretty well (healing, dmg, shielding etc) but they are teribble at positioning, dodging and strategic manuvering ergo they are easy target for monster.

You still can play solo or evac co-op (actually it’s easier to find player for co-op version of evac).

For hunt 2.0 have to wait untill it all settle down so to not to queue bronze hunters with gold monsters.


With how small the player base is that will either never happen, or gold will never find matches


Yes, I definitely doubt this update’s gonna bring more than a few players back to the game. Personally,
I expect more players to leave the game. It’s all about ranks, numbers and statistics now.

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Yeah, they balanced around the 1% of the player base. Its all about the top competitive teams and elite players. They killed pubs


Very true. That’s how I see it as well. I think pub games are finally dead. They won’t come back, neither when everyone receives their rank, they are simply dead.

Imagine you would have just bought the game, what would you think?

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