Can I reset my account?


I just signed up for this game, and it is great! I first went to tutorial mode and unknowingliy spend 4000 points on useless abilities. I had no idea selecting abilities in a tutorial mode would deduct from the currency used to purchase monsters, etc. Now, with the rate of keys I get, I’m not going to be able to unlock other monsters and the game has kind of come to a stop. Is there a way I can create another account but still use my same steam account? Thanks.


My guess is you could unlink your My2K account and make a fresh one, not sure if that works though. Suppose its worth a shot.


I dindt use a my2k account, I just used my steam account.


Weird… it usually asks you to make a my2k account when you first start and play evolve…


Progression should be tied to your Steam account so I would assume that you cannot reset.


Either my dad made one and never told me or I never had one either