Can I play PS4 games on multiple accounts?


I just wanna know if I can play games that I got on disc on multiple accounts.


Yes, why wouldn’t you be able to?


Just make sure the main account is the first account you insert the disc in.


Why? And what if the first account got banned?


Is this a problem? Did you get banned?


No. I just wanna know. Because if I get banned I wanna be sure.


You won’t be banned


This topic is about if I can use my Ps4 discs on multiple accounts :smiley:


Like I said you can, and you won’t be banned. It’s your disc


Btw. Do you got Evolve for PS4? If yes then it would be awesome to play with u :wink:


I do, I don’t have PS Plus though.


:open_mouth: I’ve never seen anybody before without ps plus :smiley:


I’ve got PP

My psn is demonhunter1245


Die I ask you?! :sleepy:
Just joking. I’ll add you of course ^^