Can i play ps4 beta in january if i wasnt in the alpha?


will I get an email like everyone else just by virtue of being on the forum… how does it work
thanks for any help

add me on ps4 if you wanna play jan or feb at release yeyar!
psn hyph_100


The conditions are simple:

  1. If participated in the Big Alpha
  2. If you have L4D or Bioshock in the steam Library

No other method is official (Forums,Mails etc…)


ahh that’s a no for me then if true


Those are the ones we know, i hope they do give out some keys to us so we can give them out.


You know … something tells me there isn’t going to be keys flying around everywhere. I think 2K wants to make the close beta for PC and PS4 as much discrete as possible (to give more emphasis to Xbox 1 exclusive open beta)


They don’t need to, evacuation mode and character saving does that for them.


Maybe, we will have to wait and see


@hyph_100 I might be able to get you a key since they sent me 3 keys. They gave me three keys and 3 different accounts (one account for me, the other i made for my friend and the last one for my cousin but we game shared and realized he could just download it from me!) so yeah I’ll probably will be able to hook you up, so no worries


that would be awesommmomommommomm are you on ps4 if so whats you psn ill add you and we can play at launch if not beta :slight_smile:


It’s Nazra360


kewl ill add you tomoz when im on my ps4 - bin playing farcry 4 atm but mainly looking forward to evolve - thanks for that :slight_smile: my psn is hyph_100 but ill add you no worries have a good new year


Thanks, you too!