Can I open a program such as steam via html link?


I have just started playing around with an idea of making a web page that I can create a shortcut to on my Desktop, I want to use a steam icon to open steam from a html link such as ( a href=“link here”>/a> ), I have looked it up but it begins to get complicated approaching a web app status.

I thought I’d ask, thanks for your time :slightly_smiling:


So, you want to open Steam from a web page instead of clicking the icon on your taskbar for the client?


Yes it exists… You’d be better with a batch file for local file access. Are you trying to force someone else, to open a program, with conditional operations?


yea pretty much, I am just working on a small project, nothing major but I’d like to make a web page, I can create a shortcut to this webpage which is just one icon, That means all of my things are off my task bar, and no destop icons but would also look neat when i open it up and view it,

Only things on my task bar across the bottom of my screen will be Word, photoshop, sublime text etc etc , I want open a web page and click a button to open a programme and use other buttons to go to sites such as here


cool what is a batch file?


If the webpage you’re making will only ever run locally then the link just needs to be to the Steam exe same as the Steam shortcut does. That wouldn’t work on a non-local page, but it sounds like this is something you’re just doing for yourself.


a batch file is a program that executes multiple CMD line commands in succession, such as launching programs.
Upon a second read of what you’d you. You should look into “Custom Windows Shell”. It allows you to customize the windows UI to whatever design you wish. This will not change how the operating system functions, but it would allow you the design you’re trying to get.

You can directly launch apps from your browser by changing the url with a launch tag.
This is highly risky and sketchy, and may trigger your antivirus.
Be wary when doing this, Only click, safe links :wink:


cool cheers, i was looking into batch files there, shouldnt be too difficult to do,


this is the target in the steam shortcut, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe”, tried it and gives and option to keep or discard when you click the html icon,also tried the start in option from the shortcut, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam” , also didnt work unfortunetly, i thought it should work with just a path to the exe but im guessing there is an extra click there i just dont get when i click the icon, cheers


You’ll need to do more, than reference the file You’ll have to use an app launcher command. But again, i strongly suggest you avoid this option.


avoid the shell option and go with the .batch option?


Avoid the HTML option. Shell and Batch are both safe and used regularly.


cool will do so, i take it that batch can open sites to?