Can I log into my friend's account with the mobile app and spend Mastery Points there?


Anyone tried it? Can I rank up his masteries with my points?

Also will it unlock badges for him (for getting characters to level 30 etc.)?

I got the idea yesterday but we haven’t tested it yet.


I think mastery points are linked to your account so you could log into his and gain points for him but you can’t use your points to unlock for him.


Most likely not.

Any mastery points, unlocks, etc. are tied to your 2k account. But nothing stops you from grinding a bit for your buddy ;D


How exactly? I mean when you click the “mastery” thing it wants you to log into your account. How will it differentiate between me and my friend exactly?


I mean you can play the game without being logged into any account at all - or am I incorrect? I don’t remember if you had to login when you first started the app but I think you only have to login when you actually want to spend masteries.


An update may have changed it, but when I first started playing it required me to be online. I’ve actually lost some battles just due to the fact that my network connection went to poop :< No matter what though, you must sign in with one of the accepted accounts the app takes. I’ve been sticking with my 2K account 'cause I’m not sure how progress would be transferred with a gmail/facebook account.

Anyway, the app will simply differentiate whether it’s you or your friend based upon the credentials you apply. You can change the account that’s currently set for your app in options (the cog wheel). Scroll down to the very bottom and you’ll see the “Manage Sign In” option. It’s pretty much downhill from here on out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You have to be logged into your My2K account to:
Buy Masteries.
View Replays.
Your progress is linked tot he 2k account, so you’d just be buying your own masteries.


Ah, a fellow brave WC warrior :smiley:

Alright so I guess it won’t work (surprisingly).

Thanks :smile: