Can i get vac banned for using exp soundboards?


for starters, this is the program u use to spam soundboards on games,i was intending to do this for shits-and-giggles,but im very worried that i might get vac banned from evolve, anyone can confirm this?


lol . no. paranoia is real.


If I not mistake the only way to get a VAC is to Edit files ingame or getting access to files without the conditions met.

And if I not mistake you just edit the mic a bit, dont worry.




Think of the possibilities! You could use it while playing Crow in response to people talking to you. Every single time they say something, you could have Crow say “Ok.” over and over.


this guy said that he got banned just for using exp soundboards, and its very recent, its not paranoia, its just an exercise of caution


this guy:

yeah. no.

It should be noted that VAC employs the use of delayed bans in order to disrupt the development process of cheats - a ban imposed today may have been the result of a cheat detected by VAC two weeks previously.


so it should be safe?


what does it do?


i meant, so it should be safe to use exp-soundboards based on that?


again. what does exp soundbar do?


allows me to play mp3,wav files trough my mic, without getting crazy echo, or making my speakers echo on my mic(like if you enabled mix-stereo), this program plus another one called vb-audio virtual cable allows that.


I think it makes it to where you can play meme noises in-game.


so… in other words it enables you to be an annoying fuck? i would ban you for it.


but but the memes! @Hillbilly_Deathlord


you can always mute if you dont wanna hear it, plus mute carries on forever, come on, dont you have a sense of humor?

edit: i cant live without the memes.


i don´t care for this sense of humour in a game which relies heavily on sound and communication. rightfully banned.


Soundboards doesn’t interact with the game, only the mic, unless you mean a “soundboard”.


Thanks for sharing this information ! i’m very confused it before but now i have cleared it. I’ve also bought a vacuum for home.


Lol can you not read the dates?