Can i get Clarity on Daily Sign in Rewards?



I know it says Daily sign in but 30 straight days for everything. So is it Daily -you can only get one a day over any 30 days from now till December or Daily - 30 consecutive days cant miss one


It’s any days. so if you log in today and tomorrow that’s day 1 and 2, if you then miss Monday but log in tuesday that is day 3. Remember that if you don’t log in every day in a month you may not get the rewards for the end of the line, the daily rewards reset each month


Good to know


Thanks that helps alot


Are the daily rewards on a set timer for reseting or does it depend on when you sign in?


Spot on.

Days start at midnight GMT. Which is 5pm PST.

So if you sign in at 4:30 PST, play some games, and sill on when 5:30 rolls around, that counts as two days.