Can i get a honest answer please [regarding wraith gameplay]


ok ill try to make sure this makes sence to you educated foolz ~

im have baffled here, since patch I have won 24 times in a row as wraith. yes ok I notice the difference in the playstyle np np I just adapted ez life.

my problem as to why im baffled is…after every game I win I always and still hear
" well that was fun (sarcasticly)*
“gj monster…not”
“yaaaaay I see wraith still OP”
“get skillz use a real monster”
"fuk broken wraith so stupid "

list goes on but those are the most I hear lol. back to topic…since wraith was nerfed…why to kiddies still complain??? seriously SHES TRASHED to the ground im stuck using speed perk otherwise shes rektd hard by the most nubb-est of hunters. it like the slowest monster feels like theres a damn lead ball and chain connected to her movement.

the new update to val, can now ACTUALLY OUT HEAL wraiths melee attacks…oh and forget hank and val if your targeting anyone else besids hank…seriously might as well just throw your hands in the air stretch,…walk around…drink coffee…and come back…and still find hank shielding and val high fiving eachother laughing at your pathetic dmg…
if you have half a brain your first target is hank…no question, proc decoy wait for hank hit then warp inclose…nova hank to death and focus medic or assault depends…works 60% of the time 9times outta 10 all the time

but it just amazes me how stupid these CoD fanboys are crying even AFTER the fact wraith got REKT hard …serious fanboys get skills…just saying

ill continue the winning streak and num num num that salt.



Some people can’t accept that other people are better at some things.

Such is life.



goes good on my steaks. cuz im eatin them up like bbq chicken.



Theyre just salty cuz they lose



I think the average works out to a 4% difference in win rates atm, which still leaves her higher than average, but not nearly so much as before.





Happens to me too. Since the patch, I won every game as Wraith and every game against Wraith. It’s just something we Wraiths will have to deal with until people get used to kicking Wraith’s ass(which is easy as hell now as most people only knew how to SN/Decoy spam).

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Or not care what randoms say.

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Guessing patch is live on pc? Surprised they complained it wasn’t like you supernova buffed your decoy.



to me everyones random…lol I don’t have friends that paly this game anymore they all QQed out or got bored



Yeah I get that too occasionally. Just ignore it.

Feed off of their tears. Let the hate flow thr-

If they’re complaining now they’re just idiots. I no longer have qualms with pubstomping as Wraith.



That makes no sense why they could still be mad. I mean the wraith was nerfed to the ground.



The Wraith’s mobility as been nerfed but she deals slightly more damage since warp blast as been buffed.
I think a lot of people don’t realize the whole team has to ambush her otherwise she’ll always get away.
Help your trappers people!



Gobi finds you there too.

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I am pleased.

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To paraphrase @Takran:

Wraith whine is delicious.



I see what you did there.

@omni I live to please, my lord. Can I have a better lightsaber now?



Ah, yes. A Jedi’s weapon, much like your father’s. By now you must know that your father can never be turned from the Dark Side. So will it be with you.



My father? My father is dead.

My uncle cut off his legs and left him in lava. Then gave me his weapon.



Honest answer, no hunter will be happy until she is completely useless.

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