Can I get a ban from posting on these forums


I’d like a ban

Edit: Still waiting on that ban


@Plaff, @SledgePainter, @Takran, please grant the troll his wish? :wink:


Thank you Rapterror, I really do appreciate it


…I’m not going to question that, so thank you for the laughs I suppose. Goodbye, Hugh!

@Rapterror you missed a couple. @SlinkyGuy @Brandini . Alex is scary.


No problem friend!

Even though you’ve been kind if a jerk here, I would like to wish you a good day/evening/night. I’m sure you’re a cool dude irl, and I’m sorry that you couldn’t find enjoyment in Evolve.



Here, have a cookie as a parting gift. :cookie:

May all your games have limited bugs.


I didn’t want to tag Slinky because he’s so nice and I didn’t think he had the heart to do it. :cry:

I always forget Brandini, cx.

Oh, and I didn’t add Alex because he’s scary #3Spooky9Me


Agreed. He’s terrifying- no offence, Mr Versnel, sir.

[quote=“Rapterror, post:7, topic:35339”]
I always forget Brandini, cx.
[/quote]Poor Brandini.

Slinky, what if I told you he hated Bucket?


Are the moderators even online right now?


Probably asleep, seeing to other matters, playing Evolve, etc. They have lives, you know. :wink:

At least I think they do. What if they’re all robots?! Explains a lot, actually…


I’ve been having a lot of issues navigating the forums…not sure if it’s the site or on my end, so sorry for the delay.


It’s kay, Sledge. The forums have been very weird lately. :confused:


One of us will review your request @Hugh_Madboroughh, when able.