Can I decide to be a monster all the time if I wanted?


Don’t get me wrong I’ll definitely play as the hunters but the main reason I purchased this game was so I could be a monster most of the time.


The way role selection works is through a preference system, so you can put the monster as your #1 preference and you will be the monster most of the time however there is no way to ensure that you will be monster 100% of the time unless you play custom games


If I am correct, then the best you can do is set monster to your highest preference. I would think that this would mean you get the monster a large portion of the time due to the fact that there will be a number of premade hunter groups. I would venture a guess and say you would have a 50%+ chance of getting the monster on any individual que.


Do you know if there are any disadvantages to playing on custom games only instead of regular matchmaking? Like is there some sort of stat system that is only recorded during MM, ect?


Not really. I think the only difference is how matchmaking will put you on the leaderboards, and customs won’t. I don’t recall if you gain XP from a custom game though-- but you do in solo mode for sure.


No there are no disadvantages you can still unlock all characters and rank up in custom games


Glad to hear it! I’ll see you guys on the other side :wink:


If you do a custom game with friends, and If you are the only one with monster on first option, you will 100% be the monster. As for regular matchmaking, its not certain.


You could also play an Evacuation match !
You’ll have multiple rounds as Monster, without switching. (and bonus xp…)


Well pointed.


While everyone is correct, there is no way to guarantee 100% of the time you’ll be monster (in matchmaking), for much of the Big Alpha I had monster as my 3rd choice, and was surprised how often I got it!

I honestly don’t recall ever NOT getting monster when it was set as top priority; but there might have been a time or two.


To be fair, he could just quit the match if he didn’t get monster. Sure, there’s a penalty of one minute where he won’t be able to look for another match, but he doesn’t -have- to play as a hunter if he absolutely refuses to.


Of course there’s that option - but I was talking about within the structure of the game, not the ‘ima crybaby wanna my way or no way’ type of mode. But it’s always an option; if he wants to hike his skirt and run…


Someone else will fill in the missing hunter’s position if anyone quits because they found they didn’t get monster. It’s not that much of a loss for anyone.


I suppose. Personally, I’d ratchet the ‘wait time’ to 10 minutes myself for people who quit. I totally understand people might ONLY want to play the monster, but, especially early on it just can’t work because queue times would suck.


Well, I thought it’d be very hard to get the Monster role during the Alphas, but I seriously only had to play as a Hunter once or twice out of ten matches. I remember not even having to in about 20 matches!

So I’d say that the matchmaking system is pretty effcient. And seriously-- playing as the Hunter, even if it may not be my thing, really helped me understand how they play and how I could use that experience against them as the Monster later on. So really, monster players; don’t refuse the occasion to play as your enemy once in a while. It’s worth it.


I thought so, too. I did it as my #1 thinking ‘Alright, I’ll get it now and again, I hope, it’ll let me work on Hunter progress anyways and… oh hey! Monster! Monster again! Once more! Okay, so I think I’ll put Monster as #2, so I can try a Hunter… Oh hey, Monster again. To #3 you go!’

I found that if I wanted to play a Hunter, I’d just slap Monster at the back until I got my fill. It was actually nice to see Monster is apparently the more demanded role. I can get my kicks in whenever I want, generally! O.o


I was told during the Big Alpha that if you were monster you didn’t get swapped out of monster unless you left the server/lobby. I had Monster on pref 5 and played him I think 5 games in a row. Don’t know if that was intended or not, it definitely didn’t seem to be based on the preference system anyway :smile:


One thing to note about quitting as Hunter is that it counts as a loss on release. However, we don’t know for sure how that works. Does it only work once the game starts, once you are at the character screen etc… You will still get the ‘time out’ but the auto lose is what I hope to avoid.


My take on this is simple.

If you want to play monster exclusively, you should be able to do it so. If theres a huge queue for monsters, well you better expect to wait it out … but none the less it’s your choice, or you either wait or you pick hunter if you don’t feel like it.

Forcing monster players to play hunters will just bring frustration to the pub enviornment … which, let’s face it, I’m not really interrested in doing so :stuck_out_tongue: