Can I buy an Evolve key for Founders Edition?


There’s a game retailer that sold Evolve keys which is now selling them as ‘Evolve Founders Edition’ keys. Will buying that work in upgrading my account, or does the founders edition only apply to people who bought the game BEFORE it went free to play?


Do a search. This has already been answered.

Spoiler alert: The answer is Yes. Paid game keys will be treated as Founder’s Edition regardless of where they come from (assuming they are new and legit).


Thank you. I think I’m going to buy the deluxe edition, as the PC Monster Race edition is 8x the price. But $20 for 8 characters seems like a good deal.


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Honestly, I would just go whatever’s cheapest. Everything can be bought with in-game cash, but you’d still get Founder’s Status, getting you some early perks, badges skins, and all future Founder’s Only stuff, whatever that’ll be, in addition to Tiers 1-3 for no work.

Getting in-game characters is pretty easy. But if you’ve got the cash, might as well go higher.


i would recommend you get the base evolve, it comes with 12 hunters, 3 monsters hunters adaptations, monsters adaptations,lots of skins,animated badges,gold perks, 3000 silver keys (plus 1500 for starting players).

i think (Correct me if im wrong) but the Pc monster race edition comes with both the 2 season passes (8 hunters 2 monsters


@KaptinSkorge Cheers! The Deluxe is only $24 while the base game is $20, and it comes with 4 extra hunters apparently, and I can live with that 1$/1hunter ratio.
@3evilgenius Thanks so much for the run down of everything it comes with, was strangely struggling to find that online. The PC monster race is $120 on this site so I won’t even think about it.

Also I gotta say, I feel like the Steam forums are like a garbage trap collecting a huge pile of crap before it reaches these forums. It’s amazing how much more helpful the community here is. Really appreciate it.


Oh, gotcha. I usually see this game for like $7, so that’s what I expected. But yeah, a dollar per hunter is pretty ok.


For anyone that’s wondering / anyone that finds this thread through searching, this is the roster you unlock through the Deluxe Edition key. (Equal to roughly 130,000-150,000 silver keys worth of character unlocks)


That should be correct, yes.

Closing the thread as the question has been answered.