Can i become a mod or change my status?


Maybe when the next AAA title gets released, the community would need more mods. IMO, I don’t know about me if I should be a mod or not. It mostly depends on who is who and who does what in general.
Someone that had common aggressive behaviors wouldn’t be a mod at all, and someone who stay chill when something gets out of control would probably have the chance of becoming a mod for example.


Consistently being online and helping others would also play a role.


@Mizx is pretty… Worked well for him…


I think people have explained everything so nicely. All I know is that I’m fine being a regular since I’ve technically been promoted to regular twice ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

With massive amounts of glitter, comes great responsibility!


im actually happy with dangourus colonist.


I think @Kai has you beat.


Yep, guess I’ll stay as the easy breezy regular :grin:


Being a regular is already cool enough :>
Congrats on keeping it ^^

I doubt I’m fit for the like spammer anymore >_<


you can pray… i was praying for a long ass time… never received, so I gave up lol


And so he disappears. None the wiser of what he has done.


I don’t know… can you?