Can i become a mod or change my status?


Evolve is my all time fav game and i regularly visit the forums the past weeks. But my status is always colonist. How can i change that?

I dont want to sound entitled or anything like that but i have been with the forum so long that i kind of feel like i want a higher position. And again sorry if i sound entitled .


A lot of us visit here every day, and have been for the past few years. I know I check the forums nearly, if not, every day and I’ve just passed my second year here.
Regular is the highest rank we can get without it being appointed to us. Mods are chosen


Weird, says “Dangerous Colonist” for me.




Or not entirely a mod.


Yeah, that actually does sound entitled.


I’ve been here for a year but I’m still a colonist.


Hi @Venomic211313

If you’re not referring to Mod status specifically, then I assume you are interested in being a Leader.

Right now the forum activity are on such a low activity, that there isn’t really a need for another Moderator or Leader (I assume so).

However! This can always change in the future! If you are interested in the position, all I can say is to just stay yourself and be part of this community in an engaging, friendly way.

This is important because we want someone to get chosen for how he/she genuinely is, and not because they want the title.

Hope this helps!


Well crap.


If you’re looking for more forum status, it comes naturally with time.

However, using my mystic mod powers, I can see that the only thing between you now and the next rank is liking more posts and showing up more consistently over the next month should kick the automated system into action for you.


If this was the only thing dictating advancement I’m pretty sure I’d be god of the forum :joy:


Technically being a Colonist is a special status given to those who were part of the forums before Evolve: Stage 2 hit on Steam. It just so happens that many of the people who post here also have that status so it doesn’t seem as special.

Generally user trust levels go New (0) > Basic (1) > Member (2) > Regular (3) > Leader (4) > Moderator (5)
As others have stated, Leaders are picked from the community by the Devs and Mods. Same with Leaders advancing to Mod status.


Always been a bit jealous of those unique titles. I wish I was able to do something noteworthy enough to get one before everything settled down.


I’m sure you can pray to the altar of the mods and ask for one. It only took 3 lambs before I got my little tag.


I can change that. What would ya like?


Well shit, good timing, I was just about to go sacrifice something. I actually have no idea what I would want, never thought I would get to this point really. I’ll try to come up with something.


I shall dub thee indecisive colonist.


Mod are chosen by other mod and the dev,so you can’t “upgrade” your status to Mod just based on your comiment
The way i see it,leader and mod are chose by those who are just generally a good,not those who want the spot.In fact i’m willing to say that wanting to be a mod will actually decrease your chance of being a mod,and current the forum doesn’t need extra leader or mod
So yeah tough luck getting into the position mate



Ok, whoever gave me that title, thank you! It’s perfect. Better than anything I could come up with, that’s for sure.