Can I avoid level lost on XboxOne?


Was wondering if there is a way to prevent it, seems too many people affected by this =S


I doubt it. I was (so far) unaffected, but I didn’t do anything different. Not that I know of anyway.


I have read something, but very vague, about avoid playing with friends to avoid it, but the guy didn’t explain it clearly, anyway I love this game to play with friends, so will be a pity if due the bug we cant.


It’s a server issue on 2K’s side. Something tied to accounts maybe, but what you are describing sounds like a virus which this definitely is not.


Well, the guy said he received an invitation to play a game from a mate, it crashed, once he log in back, he was lvl 1 and the tutorial popped up =S.

I ll try to look that post.

Thank you anyway =)

Edit:this one


Sure. @SledgePainter has a pinned thread talking about progression loss. Keep checking back there as any new information is likely to be found within.

Edit: here’s the link - Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?


Thank you! Too bad then there is no way to prevent it =S. I ll play with fear now


If you logged in with your My2K account I would think that your progress could be recovered because of this. I don’t know this for certain, but it makes sense to me.


Yeah I’m logged in =)


So if I play solo I will be fine cus everyone I’ve seen lose it they joined a online game and lost everything let me know if anyone lost their progress in solo so Ik if i can play or not


I’ve read most of the reports of lost progress and it seems like it is related to party/game invites for some reason. The only thing I can say is play solo until the patch is out in a few days.


Ya thanks and I haven’t been in many games with friends but I have with my brother and he lost everything and I have all characters and I am level 26 so ya and thanks


So ya… My level was reset not to long ago… Just found out about this because I looked into it… Not saying im mad… But i’m kinda mad… Spent a lot of hours in this game already and all my match history is saved. Perks, hunters, and everything else is fucking gone. Not saying you guys fucked up. But ya kinda fucked up.


Actually I played this game all through the Alpha and Beta… Why is there a problem now with party/game invites?


It is a really big problem imo. A guy I’ve been playing with got his level (38!) reset yesterday. At the same time I loss all my wins on the leaderboard as Cabot. (I was leaderboard rank 14!)

Then today, that same guy got his leaderboard progress reset. I feel even worse for him. He was Caira number 1… The fates are cruel.


I’m playing with friends on Xbox one, was kicked 3-4 times of a game, and so far my lvl wasn’t rested.
Every time the game kick me out when I’m playing with my friends, I’m praying until the game load back…so far, praying to a superior being or something prevents the bug!


I’ve been reset and official response from 2k is you only get your chracters back nothing else.

this is so upsetting I literally feel sick on the stomach and have a migraine headache.


And there is an ETA for a fix?


No eta and the only thing you get is your characters nothing else, not your level or your stats, nothing. I think i’m going to throw up…


There is no way, I guess, to “play” with the cloud to have a back up file just in case right?