Can griffins harpoon gun please force the kraken to descend as soon as they connect?


So he can actually be the best trapper to face kraken?
Because right now even maggie is better at containing kraken
at least maggie can bring the kraken down if he she gets a few harpoons on him at once


Cthulu-moose is bugged, hes ignoring all CC at the moment, its an issue


They will fix it, so no worries buddy.


I missed when people declared what CC stood for. Care to enlighten me?


Crowd Control, basically anything that can dictate an enemies movement is Crowd Control (Poons, Stasis, the things that should drag Kraken down)


Poons were never meant to bring him down… were they?


They are supposed to, I used to feel like Ahab doin it ^.-


Now Kraken is literally Griffin’s white whale. He’ll be the death of ya trying to hunt him.


100% on that? I don’t remember them ever pulling kraken down


You have to position yourself in the kill box (aka directly below him) and then you’ll drag him down to your level


Right well that’s just as useless really


His harpoons were always kinda useless against Krak, he just breaks them with his flying melee even though hes looking in the opposite direction, really annoying


Yes, it will be fixed. It’s extremely annoying atm…
This is why all of the “pro” teams play Kraken right now, because he’s unbalanced.


atleast he got the best weapon vs kraken

so hes still the best vs him^^


Stasis Grenades are probably best. ^.-


kraken does not give a fuck about stasis nades.

and pls dont pick abe … abe is useless in anyway


Harpoon gun is literally useless vs him. He breaks it passively. Stasis Grenades are better. But the problem is, he cares about no slows in the game atm. CC does not work against the Kraken. It ruins many hunters kits, but it’s something you have to deal with.

Abe isn’t completely useless, he’s just weak.


I almost feel bad for how often you post this message. :laughing:
Every Kraken thread, there you are preaching the good word.


Mmhmm, no one ever seems to pay attention enough >_>


I notice and remember…