Can Goliath jump backwards?


Hello forum, I have officially stopped lurking and created an account :smiley: !

It was my understanding that Goliath can only use his traversal abbility into the direction he is facing to. However, two or three weeks ago I saw a player on go4evolve doing exactly that (could have been girth … not sure). The situation went down like this: Goliath climbed up a thin, pole-like rock structure, smelled the incoming trapper in front of him and jumped backwards away from rock and trapper while still facing said direction. He also dodged the dome while doing so, which was a pretty cool sight!

So my question is: Can this trick reproducibly be pulled off or was is some sort of bug? And if so, how to do it?

Thanks for the answers and have a nice weekend everybody!


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He always jumps in the direction that you’re facing. But I’ve never jumped off a ledge, so maybe in that case he’ll jump away from the ledge face.


It’s an observer mode bug where it looks like he’s jumping backwards, but in reality he turned (which the observer mode missed) and just jumped or leap smashed normally.


That explains it! Thank you guys


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