Can EMET's "It's a mammoth bird" line play as a rare event when he spots the Kraken?


He can tell because it has glowing tentacles.


Lol, that would be hilarious.

Emet: It’s a mammoth bird! points towards the Kraken’s direction

Rest of team: ಠ_ಠ


*Giant Mammoth Bird. I’ll gladly accept that, and laugh at it really hard :laughing:


for elder kraken he could say ‘‘ooh a rare one’’


:emet:: look! A mammoth bird but it is not very bird nor-or-or-or
:emetangry:: no you jackass that’s the monster!!
:emetoh:: oh I could not tell!


Emet can’t respond to himself because he doesn’t hear what the demon core says, but I like the idea of this


I know there’s one line at least when he does. Demon core says something, then Emet says “I did not mean that” then the demon core pops back in saying “oh yes I did!”

Could be wrong. Anyone else hear this one differently?

Edit: its between bucket and Emet. Bucket was talking trash, and the demon core said
Demon core "I’ll rip out your rivets and melt you into slag!"
Bucket replies "also you’re insane"
Emet “I did not mean that"
Demon core " oh yes I did!”


Well then there’s a conflict in this story! @Matthew doesn’t Emet say to someone that his vision gets dark and when he comes back everyone looks at him funny?


Emet also seems to respond to the comment Demon Emet makes about what he’s going to do to the monster with his…

You know what? Just spam Q on the Monster in solo from distance. You’ll hear it eventually.

I would think that Emet may or may not hear what Demon Emet says. Maybe it’s a random thing, either he blacks out or he doesn’t, since there’s dialogue that seem to back up both sides of the conversation here.


Here’s a response Matthew had to someone asking if Emet is aware of the Demon Core.

So when he says “I did not mean that,” he knows something bad was said, but he doesn’t know what, I think.