Can EMET get a passive 425% Jump height?


Title says it all :stuck_out_tongue:



Care to elaborate why you think he needs it?


The main body is meant to explain why he needs it and how it will help.


So basically you want Emet to be our Lord and Savior.


Because he is malfunctioned bunny-hop counter strike playing robot. E.M.E.T. stands for ‘Very High Jumping Robot’



I already use a 425% jump height.

What I really need is a 500% jump height.

Aka, make a superior jump height perk.


they can remove jump perks for him and give him jump height by default he so much fun to play with it… but after change from 180 he to 330 heals in 6 secs i miss his " ohoa hooo" when he screams when he gets knocked in mid air…

on serious note… I jsut want him to be used in competetive tourneys ppl dont pick him coz tehy say Val or caira or slim can do the same thing better :frowning:


god damn slim,is not he considered op? he sure is in my hands.not like it is hard to shoot with automatic shotgun.


Wut but emet is really really stronk at the moment. Have you tried him with bucket or sunny? You just cannot die!


i play emet a lot he is good :stuck_out_tongue: i agree… iwant to see him in competitive tourneys… im not saying he is UP… he feels just right…


So your suggestion is on the grounds you want him in Evolve tournaments or in Jump height tournaments?

On a serious note, seeing the interesting things they did with Renegade Abe I wish that the EMET variation would be a medic instead.


Not a lot of people know this, and I wasn’t aware until someone told me.

If you stand still and double jump. You launch yourself upwards like you do going in any direction.

Triple rocket man/lord/king and you’ll get what you’re after.


it honestly took me months before I noticed I could do that after the game launched.