Can devs talk about the future of the game?


Can you say something about what you will do next about the game?

Like are you going to patch things?

And when are more maps coming?

Please answer


There is a Dev tracker option on the forums. They have mentioned that they are working on a big balance patch that they want to implement within the next week or two. They’ve also said that they are working on a lot of bugs.

They have some Maps in the works as well as a couple more game modes, no ETA on these as well as the new Hunters/Monsters they have planned as DLC down the road.


The future will be, except from patching any flaw which will happen everytime its needed, a rank system,new game modes+maps which will be free so no community splitting+ new characters as DLC.

Those things will keep on coming for as long as the community supports the game


i think there are enough maps right now. master the ones that are there, know where all buffs can spawn. how to juke the hunters and know where the only way out is for the monster.


Cow, where did they say they were making new gamemodes and maps :smiley: ? ( just for my extensive knowledge )


I believe either the telemetry data thread or… One of the ones. Could even be in the big Behemoth or 4th Hunters revealed. Too many threads to take care of :slight_smile:

I know that Maps one was posted VERY recently. Macman said it.




I just want them to fix the cinematics. They lag horrible, and the audio is broken up severely.


yes, thats indeed a good question. @macman can you give us an ETA on ranked mode?