Can dev Increase the physical effects of the game



This game is awesome i swear!! thank you!!!
in honest,I think the game is less of some Immersive feeling
why i found this issue?
because when i shoot some dead creeps
that skin appearance of creeps,I cannot believe without any post-production process
so i hope devs can Increase something in this game and make it real
like physical effects and powerful sound of weapons
and more AA(anti aliasing) option…and so forth.

this year is 2016, most of the players want better graphic and any quality detail in this game!
the ‘‘physics’’ like PhysX by Nvidia and Havok by ATI
maybe we can check these videos that u know what i mean :smiley:

PlanetSide 2 PhysX Trailer

GPU PhysX in Borderlands 2

Hi devs!
i got a problem about the sound of weapons
too many characters have a issue that is their weapons’s volume too small and weak
example likes Markov’s Assault Rifle
I can’t believe that sounds too small,weak and no quality!
can you improve these issue and make this game better please?

Thanks you and i love this game ever and ever :smiley:


I will agree on sound.None of the guns feel powerful.Even a rocket launcher is more boring than a pistol

The best sounding are cabots railgun and griffins smg IMO


hope dev can improve what we need.


This game has some of the best graphics and animations for a game of its type that I’ve seen o.O impressive when you factor in they were working on this game like 6 years ago. What’re we comparing it to?


Not gonna lie, it would be awesome to make a Reaver fly through the air and pin it to a rock with Cabot’s Rail Cannon…

But honestly I really don’t think we need more shit flying around the screen whenever we shoot something. The screen already looks kinda cluttered as it is


Parnell weapon sound is very off, I don’t feel the power when shooting the rocket that sounds like a toilet flush and the shotgun sound is off. Torvald and Abe’s shotgun sounds better.

Still want the minigun rework on Hyde, make it faster rpm but deals reduced damage per bullet but total damage is still the same.



The sound design and visual quality of this game is incredible, even outside of the context of developing a game that is able to run on the myriad variations people have with computers (some not as powerful as yours, maybe).

You have to think beyond yourself here; I’m sure the developers would love to have all the latest technology whirring away in the game, but then many people also wouldn’t be able to play it…


yep Torvald and Abe’s shotgun sounds better,but some weapons of Character sonund too weak and light

in honestly i am not fallacy of composition to reflect this Issueand
about graphic,maybe dev can add some post-production process when i shoot some stuffs that like creeps,cuz in this game now,when i shoot them and without any post-production process of graphic and no physics of post-production.


Could you rephrase that. I’m not sure if people can understand what you just wrote.


Sorry my eng isn’t good.
My point is this game less of physically effects and post effects and some weapons sound too weak.